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Randomly Wednesday November 18, 2009

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  1. In further effort to do things because I want to, not because I’m supposed to, I have revised my “favorites” list on my phone. Silly, maybe. I don’t care. Now the people I actually call, actually talk to, actually WANT to talk to are on there rather than the people I SHOULD call. Ha. Take that, whoever makes up these silly rules!
  2. I have three of the cutest kids on the planet. I couldn’t peg it down to one particular thing that makes them so cute and adorable, but I’m tellin’ you what! They are adorable… especially so lately!
  3. I think I might have to rip back the sock I’ve been knitting on for months. The twins got ahold of it and… well… they did some frogging of their own. Not sure I can fix it. I’m not that talented of a knitter just now. Oh… frogging? What does a frog say? “Rip it! Rip it!”
  4. I didn’t make up that frogging thing, but I sure think it’s clever.
  5. I’m making my meal plan for the coming week today. Actually, I haven’t made a meal plan in a while.  Seems like they never work out. I make the plan, we buy the ingredients then… life happens. We are then stuck with all kinds of fresh veggies that go bad before we get them used up (because when I plan, I plan healthy stuff). Somehow, some way… NOT THIS WEEK! It will work! It will! :)
  6. Menu planning is kinda fun, actually.
  7. I’m writing my menu plan out with a pen that we *ahem* acquired while house sitting for a really wonderful couple back in ’03-’04. It’s a Bic-type pen that’s orange and blue and says “Proud to be an IBC/ Broncos Honor Roll Student.” The pen is nothing special, but I love it because every time I see it, a whole slew of mental pictures come back from house sitting for them. They were really a unique, fun, godly couple and I’d love for us to be them when we’re older. They loved to pull pranks, accepted people for who they are, were generous to a fault, hard working, dilligent, strong, had traveled the world, cared little for material goods, loved without expecting return, felt passionately about political issues and just generally did everything they could to make their corner of the world better. I’m sure that wherever they are now, they’re still doing it… even at age 75.
  8. Potty training is somewhat stalled out. The twins haven’t gone in the potty for 2 or 3 days. Bummer. Oh, well. I’m 99% sure they’ll be potty trained before college.
  9. I’m working on figuring out what my priorities ought to be. At any given moment, there are four or five good things I could be doing. Like right now. I could be working on recovery stuff. I could be working on school doodah. I could be cleaning my kitchen and making lunch. I could be playing with my kids. I could be eating the breakfast I still haven’t eaten.
  10. But… I’m blogging. Why? Because I don’t know which is the BEST, so, in true perfectionist style, I choose none. Rather not try than try and be wrong. I know. It makes no sense. It’s a pattern I’m just now recognizing.
  11. I really like this random style. I don’t feel constrained to one topic.
  12. I kind of want to rip that sock back anyway. I think I can do better. And it has some negative feelings and bad mojo. I can reknit it with good feelings and good mojo.
  13. I don’t actually believe in mojo, but I do want positive feelings and positive thoughts when I put the socks on and remember all the time I spent knitting them.
  14. I think I might download a Twilight series book to listen to while I’m knitting. Hopping on the bandwagon, maybe. I don’t care. I liked the movie fairly well and it’s an interesting idea. The last book I read was good, but had a fair bit of foul language that I didn’t like. I hear the Twilight books are clean.
  15. Or maybe I’ll pick a Jane Austen book to re-read. Love those.
  16. These shoes are really cute and I want a girl so I can make some for her. The pattern is for boys or girls… but they’re cuter all girly-d up.
  17. Thinking I might switch to private lessons with TKD. Since I can’t spar and they’re spending a lot of time sparring in preparation for the inner-school tournament, I’m ending up doing tons of basic stuff (really basic stuff) with the new white belts and it’s getting a little old. Plus, pretty soon there’ll be so many modifications to what everyone else is doing in order to accomodate my growing belly and lack of balance that it’d just be easier to be doing private lessons.
  18. Even when it’s basic stuff and I’m bored, I still love it. At this point, there’s really nothing I can think of that would make me want to give up TKD. In fact, I’m really dreading the time when I will have to stop because of my pregnancy and the six weeks I’ll have to stay away while recovering from childbirth.
  19. I still find it unbelievable that I enjoy it as much as I do. This kind of thing has never been my thing.
  20. I also can’t believe that I’m actually enjoying reading. Also never been my thing.
  21. This new found enjoyment in things I never would have thought I would enjoy makes me think I really can change and that I really will be fine.
  22. Last night Jeremy gave me the sweetest card he’s ever given me (and that’s really saying something… the guy hand calligraphies love letters to me on a semi-regular basis). It said exactly what I needed to hear and I kind of want to frame it.
  23. I don’t think “calligraphies” is a word, but I’m leaving it anyway.

Okay! All done here! I think I’ll pick one of the four or five good things I could be doing and do it.


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