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Upcoming Events December 3, 2009

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We have friends coming tomorrow and I’m excited but nervous. When we all lived in Denver, we spent a lot of time at their house. I loved being there because it was exactly the kind of place I would have if I had the talent to create it. Betsy, the lady (and I mean that literally… she is a picture of lady-likeness… if that’s even a word), has the soul of an artist. She is an oil painter who sees beauty all around her, whose creativity cannot be contained, who takes infinite pleasure in the small things. Their house reflected her style. Bohemian in a way… touches of modernism… a few well-chosen antiques… a bit of this, a bit of that… wholly unique, comfortable and welcoming, no pretension whatsoever. Betsy and her hubby, Matt appreciate good things and seek out the new, interesting, and cultured. They got us into loose leaf teas. They try their best to live godly and natural lives.
I’m nervous because they’re staying with us for two nights. Our house is… well… lots of things. I love the house itself. It’s perfect for us (could use another bathroom, but other than that, perfect). There’s one room that’s decorated. It’s my style… kind of. It’s me but adjusted to fit the image I’ve tried to project for so long and have since decided to quit projecting. I picked out the decorations in the height of my codependency, pre-April 29, 2008. I picked them with an eye more for what guests would like than for what *I* like. I like them, mostly, but when I really look at them, I remember picking them, arranging them according to others’ desires (or my idea of others’ desires anyway) and it makes me feel bad. Kind of like I imagine an artist feels if they sell out. I wasn’t true to myself and I remember that when I really look. I want to decorate the rest if the house, but a) we can’t really afford it right now and b) I don’t quite trust myself to do it as I want. Anyway, I’m nervous for Matt & Betsy to come because I feel like I don’t stack up and my home reflects it. (aside from all the mess… that’ll be gone… Shh… maybe I can be a domestic diva for one weekend)
Still, I’m more excited than nervous. This weekend is not one I would attempt with any other couple. We’ve invited them over for an Indian feast. Matt likes to cook Indian food, Jeremy likes to cook Indian food, Betsy and I love to eat it. Bonus: they understand and know how to work around Jeremy’s gluten-intolerance since their son is gluten, casein and corn intolerant. Their son is about our oldest’s age… perfect. It’ll be an eclectic weekend for sure. On the agenda: hay ride through the locally famous Garden of Lights, breakfast feast by Betsy & I, garage saleing (kind of… one friend’s sale), tae kwon do tournament, several rounds of Candyland with the kids, Indian feast made by our hubbies, maybe some more games, Sunday morning Bible class, worship & lunch out of the crockpot. It’s a weekend as eclectic as we all are… and whether or not it’s fit for a king, it’s perfect for us. So, I’m really looking forward to it.


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