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It’s a boy! December 8, 2009

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Okay, well… we’re not getting the girl I’d hoped for, but it looks like we are getting a healthy baby boy. The ultrasound tech thought it was a girl for a bit there, but then our little man decided to start showing off and… yep… it’s a boy. A very active little boy who got mad when she was poking him and starting kicking me like… well… like mad.

And the name…
Now… don’t get too excited here…  we’re planning to stick with family tradition and not disclose the name until the kiddo makes his entrance. Last time, I was so excited that I shouted Isaiah’s name as soon as his little noggin was out. Same for Isaac. Likely the same for this one. I’m just not a good secret keeper (okay. Let me qualify that. I don’t keep my own secrets well. You know that saying “too much information”? I think the coiner of that phrase had probably talked to me a few too many times. Others’ secrets, I’m good with… not my business to share… but my secrets? Well, why not?).
For our other kiddos, we at least had first names picked out by their first major ultrasound, but not this time. The boys who currently reside outside of my body all have Hebrew names, but I’ve always liked Irish/ Celtic/ Gaelic names. So, I kinda want to give him an Irish name, but worry that he’ll feel left out.

One thing I know for sure…
This is my kid. Most likely this is my last and I want to hold on to him. My other kids belong to everyone else. They’re Daddy’s boys, not Momma’s boys. They like me, sure, but given other options, they’re gone. Take church nights. Jaden sits with his friend Logan and family. The twins sit with one of the elders’ wives. Not this one. I’m holding on to him. He’s mine. We’re gonna cuddle and I’ll teach him to cook and I’ll teach him to knit, never let him out of my sight and I’ll just let him be the baby of the family.


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