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Indecision January 15, 2010

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I just don’t know what I want to do with this blog. Sometimes it’s just a glorified diary. Okay… most times. But I feel like there’s potential here. Untapped potential. Like a new notebook full of blank pages just waiting to see what you’ll fill them with. It could be a tiptionary. I’d tell you (the readers I don’t yet really have) about the great tips I come across here and there. Like the one from Jill Gillen at Tulsa Mothers of Multiples to stick ketchup packets in the freezer to use as mini ice packs for your kids. Or I’d tell you how I roll up my grocery bags in this particular way… they take up WAY less space and make great packing material or ammo for an impromptu indoor snowball fight with spouses and/or kids. Maybe this could be a chronicle of my efforts to overcome codependency. But that sounds depressing or at least not much fun. I could share about my quest to go from knitter to Knitter (with a capital “K”). But I have way more off days of knitting than on. I’ve been knitting on the same washcloth for months and months. I have one sock of a pair done and haven’t even cast on the other. That blog would be about as exciting as driving through Kansas. I could tell you all about my Tae Kwon Do adventures and that would be loads of fun… for me. Not particularly educational, not particularly edifying, not particularly anything if you don’t already know something about TKD. Food blogs are way overdone and half my foodie-ness comes from food blogs, so… dull… redundant… but (again) fun for me. I’ve contemplated all of the above and kind of rejected them all. So here it is… my blog about nothing. I plan to enjoy it. Continue to enjoy it, rather. Maybe others will too.


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