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Today January 15, 2010

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Fridays are one of Jeremy’s days off and it’s supposed to be my library day so I can get my school work done… but I’ve come to hate going to the library to do my stuff. It’s cold. It’s lonely. Even when I try to focus on the being away from the house, on the getting to listen to my music, on the fact that I get everything done sooo much faster… I feel like I’m being punished. So I don’t go. I do everything I can to avoid going (except do my homework earlier on in the week… that would be silly!).

Today, I had a dentist appointment (whoo hoo) so I had a legitimate excuse for not going to the library. All the work on the left side today… deep cleaning and more cavaties than I care to divulge. And I get to go back on Tuesday for the right side. Much less work, fortunately. It was such a strange experience all together. The hygenist did the numbing and the deep cleaning. Some wasn’t quite numb, so she stuck me again and a few minutes later even my eyeball was feeling like it belonged more on a rhino’s face than mine. Soon enough, the dentist was drilling away. The dentist and the assistant talked with each other and I think it was English, but not 100% sure. It was like reading senior quotes in my high school yearbook… it’s all inside jokes and people speaking in code. I think “hema” was blood… that’s as far as I got. Anyway, three breaks and 2 1/2 hours later, my face was feeling like Will Smith’s looked in Hitch after his allergic reaction, my teeth were cleaner, whiter and filled.

As a reward for my bravery in the face of dentistry, we went to Tulsa for shopping and fun with the kids. Target (scored 3 sweaters for $4.48 a piece), Mardel (two PEBL sisters’ gifts for $36) while Jeremy hit Sam’s (Irish Cream coffee syrup as a surprise for me… he knows I love it), Loops (yarn shop in Tulsa… taking a sock knitting class Sunday, needed supplies), and Whole Foods. Whole Foods was the best. The kids had eaten, so Jeremy and I got our dinner there. He got some frozen Indian meals and I got some Butternut Crab Bisque. Sooo yummy!

Well… that was today! It was a good day. I enjoyed it. It was not the least bit productive. It’s time for bed and the breakfast dishes are still on the table. The blocks the kids scattered yesterday are still scattered… but I’m going to bed anyway. After talking time with my hubby, that is. Cappuccinos and biscotti… sitting with my man… talking. Keeping up a marriage is hard work! ;o)


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