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Hodgepodge February 8, 2010

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Here’s a hodgepodge. Enjoy!

Jaden is having a sleep over tonight and while I’m thrilled that he has a little friend and I’m sure he’s having a blast (well, he’d better be sleeping right now), it makes me a little sad to think of his bed empty. He’ll be five years old this week and I just can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. Cliche, I know. Should’ve seen this coming. And I did, really. I’ve done my best to soak up all his moments, to enjoy him, to love him actively… and I think I’ve done a decent job so far. I just can’t soak it ALL up, though. And I can’t hold him to me forever. Lord willing, my little man will grow up. I won’t be there for every moment. There will be nights when his bed is empty, when his seat at the dinner table sits untouched, when he doesn’t sneak out of his room with some silly bed time procrastination or other. These moments, in fact, are the whole point of parenting. My job is not to hold him close. My job is to help him learn to go out from me, to learn how to negotiate the world in a godly way, to learn how to be a servant of God in a place that does not know Him or His ways. So if I’m doing my job, these moments will eventually be the norm rather than the exception. I’m thankful it doesn’t happen all at once, that I can have just a taste here and just a taste there and I don’t have to send him out suddenly. My dear, sweet, innocent, loving, kind, caring, thoughtful, intelligent boy will hopefully become a dear, sweet, innocent (yet shrewd), loving, kind, caring, thoughtful, intelligent man… just like his daddy.

Tonight I finished knitting my first pair of socks. That excites me so much I think I’ll type it again. Tonight I finished knitting my first pair of socks. And one more time… tonight I finished knitting my first pair of socks. I’m quite thrilled about them, but not sure what in the world to wear them with clothes-wise. Actually, they are causing me a bit of a footwear crisis too. I have no suitable shoes to wear them with. Generally, I have two pairs of shoes per season. Not even per season, really… I have two pairs of shoes for warm weather (brown sandals and black sandals) and two pairs for cold weather (brown boots and black boots). The only other shoes I actually wear are a dirty, over-used pair of sneakers and a pair of flip-flops. There are other miscellaneous shoes in my closet that I’m not really sure why I own, but I do. There’s a darling little yeti-sized pair of black heels and a really cute pair of brown heels. Incredibly impractical shoes. Can’t wear them for more than an hour without big-time pain and I’m just not one of those women willing to suffer for beauty… at least not more than a couple of times a year. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: footwear crisis. I need new shoes so I can show off my oh-so-cool socks and the million pairs that will be following these. I hate hate hate shoe shopping. When your feet look as though they could double as flippers on a deep sea diving mission, shoe shopping tends to be a frustrating, disheartening, largely unsuccessful chore. BUT… I have really cool socks that I knit (did I mention that I knit them myself? With my own two hands? That these now marvelous creations used to be just balls of yarn? yep. I did it. That was me.) and I want to wear them and I want to look down at my feet and see my fabulous socks. So, I guess I’ll go shoe shopping and hope that the perfect pair falls out of the sky.

For most of the day, I had a really wonking sinus headache. Really wonking and throbing for much of it. Being pregnant, there’s not a lot you can take. For me, there’s pretty much Tylenol or Sudafed. Extra strength Tylenol helped some… an hour after I took it and only for about 30 minutes. Sudafed I swear made it worse. I’m a big fan of the neti pot, but it wasn’t helping either. A warm rag on my head was a nice distraction, but not actually helpful. Napping was out of the question with such a wonker. I thought I was doing a good job of hiding my pain at church tonight (people tend to worry about me since I’m pregnant and make a fuss when there’s no fuss needed, so I was trying not to worry them), but apparently not. Actually, I was quite touched at everyone’s concern for me. No one made a big fuss, but they did express their hope I’d feel better soon. I was most touched by a little girl named Mary. She’s 9 or so and one of those old souls. She really has a sweet and good heart. She told her granny I looked sad and they spoke to me afterward. I was so impressed with her perceptiveness and concern. She’s impressed me lots of other times with her love for people and thoughtful attitude. The world would be a better place with more Marys in it.

Really, it’s a big week altogether:
~As of yesterday, I’m 30 weeks along in my pregnancy. Only 10 more weeks to go until my due date and I’m praying I make it that far. Jaden was born at 31 weeks, so there’s cause for concern. I’m taking it easy, though, and feel great. Easiest pregnancy yet.
~Today, we have our first Financial Peace University class and I’m really excited for it. It’s 13 weeks long and I think this will make the difference for us in dealing with money. We’ve never been good with money and I’m ashamed to say we’ve been quite poor stewards in that area. We’ve tried to whip ourselves into shape, and we’ve done a lot better in recent times, but still not good. When I totaled up what we’d spent on bounce charges last year, I was astonished… completely astonished. We agreed it was time to stop trying the same old thing (will power… apparently we have none) and get some new tools. So, we signed up for the course and tomorrow is day one of our Total Money Makeover. Really thrilled!
~Jaden turns five Wednesday. Wow.
~Tae Kwon Do testing on Thursday… going for a second stripe on my yellow belt. Actually, I’m not too nervous this go-round. I know my kata well and I feel confident with my techniques. I am a little nervous about my one-steps, but I still have time to practice. Thinking I’ll be fine come Thursday.
~Friends over for dinner on Friday. There’s a family who comes through town once a year to deliver phone books for Downey Publishing. They’re a really terrific family and I’m sure wherever they go, they hear the same thing: we wish you lived here. Kind, generous, easy to talk to, godly… all around terrific. Their son is the one Jaden’s hanging out with tonight. They live out of a motel for many (most, I think) months each year, yet manage to be quite normal. Anyway, we’ve invited them over for dinner on Friday and hope it works out for them to come. Maybe their son can even stay the night.


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