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The most romantic thing February 14, 2010

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So tonight Jeremy and I were sitting on the love seat, chit chatting, unwinding, destressing and reminiscing about our first Valentines Day 11 years ago (which was spectacularly romantic). Out of the blue, I started crying. Just a little weeping… then sobbing… then all the way to “I <sniff sniff> don’t <sniff snork sniff> even know <sniff sniff> why I’m… I’m… I’m… <sniff sniff snork> crying.” Jeremy reaches over and pulls me over to lay on his chest. Not even a hint of a chuckle on his face (though I suspect that’s more because he’s gotten good at hiding it than that it wasn’t there). Now I’m cuddled into his chest, sobbing on his shirt, sniffing & snorking, downright pregnant-lady-crazy when (because this wasn’t bad enough) I burb big & loud. Through teary eyes, I look up at him and say, “Sorry. Prob’ly <sniff sniff> wouldn’t have done that <sniff> our first Valentine’s.” He smiled his handsome smile, dimple & all and said what may be the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard: “This is better.” Still looking at my wonderful husband, I said, “Your crazy, hormonal¬†pregnant wife crying on your chest for no reason is better?”
“Yep. This is better.”
I love that man.


2 Responses to “The most romantic thing”

  1. Hannah Says:

    that is so sweet!

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