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Ant killer February 17, 2010

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Super fast post here. Run by posting, if you will. ;o)
I can’t be the only one in NE Oklahoma who is stunned to be seeing little black ants already… in February… despite frigid temps. So, here’s an ant killer that I am keeping on hand:

1 part dish soap (I usually have 7th Generation on hand)
3 parts white vinegar
10 8 parts water

Put everything in a spray bottle, shake to combine & spray to kill. This isn’t a terribly precise thing, so don’t worry about the exact proportions.
Depending on what kind of dish soap you choose, this can be an all natural ant spray. No big worries if the kids grab it & spray it willy-nilly (not that I know anything about that ;o) ). This will kill ants, but doesn’t really do anything to deter them beyond that, though it does seem to kinda mess up their trail.
Okay. Off to Slumberland!


Please note the correction made to the proportions.

Also, if the “one part this, three parts that…” sends your brain into math mode (a mode my brain tends to stall in), fret not. Just pick a measuring cup or spoon or whatever and call that your part. Example: get out a 1/4 cup measure and put in one measuring cup full of soap, three full of vinegar and eight full of water. Math avoided. The stuff sitting in my kitchen is 2 oz dish soap, 6 oz vinegar, 16 oz water.


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