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The line up February 17, 2010

The Olympics are well underway and so are the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics (note #1: that’s a Ravelry.com link… if you don’t have a Ravelry account, it won’t work. note #2: if you’re a knitter or crocheter or otherwise involved with fiber, you should be on Ravelry. WONDERFUL and free.). Around here, these activities are not as all-consuming as I’d anticipated (and kind of hoped), but they’re going well. (BTW, some of the pics uploaded upside down… and I’m too lazy at the moment to fix them, so I’m just going to pretend they’re right. Maybe I will fix them later. Maybe.) Here’s the line-up:

Quacho’s Jedi sweater

Pattern from The complete fabrication.

This sweater has been really fun… so fun that if it didn’t involve a bunch of math, I would figure out how to make one for myself… but it does… so I probably won’t. It’s with big fat, chunky yarn, so it really flies. The yarn is soft, the pattern is cute (though I think the directions could be a little more clear). I have a tiny bit of the body left to do, the ties and the sleeves. Unfortunately, it’ll probably be too big for him to wear right off, but that’s the risk you run when you don’t swatch. And since I know better than to proceed sans swatch, there’s no one to blame but me and I won’t whine about it. Much. I’m planning to make a hat to match and think I might make another sweater too since it’s so speedy.

Felted Coffee Cuffs

Pattern here (another Ravelry link)

Looking forward to this project since I haven’t ever felted before and the fact that it will cover up any of my boo-boos is appealing. The directions say to seam it up, but I’m planning to leave it open with ties on the ends so it’ll go under the handle of my favorite mug. I’m making one for me and one for my hubby, possibly experimenting with color work (since the felting will hide any crazy yarn carrying… I’m hoping). I might also try my hand at dying some of that white yarn… maybe… when everything else is done… and we know what that means.

Jaywalker Wrist Yarn Holder

Pattern here from Smartcat’s Ravelry Store (yep… another Ravelry link).

Another project I’m eager for. This one has the bonus of using up some stash yarn that’s been hanging around for years. I think maybe it’s Lion Brand Magic Stripes… and I’m not sure they make that anymore. Supposed to make lovely stripey patterned socks, but it will (assuming all things with the Knitting Fates goes as planned) instead make this yarn holder which to me seems simply ingenious. Where to put the yarn is no longer an issue. No more yarn falling on the floor, rolling under the table and having to ask the lady next to me (who already thinks I’m a nut) to fetch it since my giganto preggo belly doesn’t bend like that. There’s just one problem… these socks…

They’re occupying the needles I need. Yes, I could just transfer the socks to waste yarn and move on, but I know what would happen then: nothing. No more knitting on the socks. Second Sock Syndrome would best me… again (this is round two with the devious SSS… the twins were in cahoots with SSS and raveled this sock last summer). So I’ve promised myself I’ll finish these socks before I start on the Jaywalker pattern.

And the pièce de résistance

Victorian Lace Afgan

Pattern from Creative Crochet by Leisure Arts

I started this thing back in high school. It was my first real project beyond a doily and I haven’t touched it since… who knows when… eight years minimum. This goes in the Ravelympics WIPs Dancing event. If I get this thing done I’ll really feel like a fiber athlete for sure. It’s a pretty tedious pattern and I’m not sure how far I have to go, but it’ll be lovely when it’s done. First I thought I’d finish it in time to display on my dorm room bed. Then I thought I’d finish it for my wedding. Then it got stowed in a plastic bag and hadn’t seen the light of day until I pulled it out for that picture.

So… that’s the plan. It’s ambitious. Really ambitious. Maybe crazy ambitious. That’s the idea behind this whole thing, though, and the idea behind the Olympics themselves: challenge yourself… bring your best and represent. Olympians train and work and sacrifice to make their bodies do things that seem impossible. They put themselves out there for all the world and accomplish amazing feats. 

I’m challenging myself too. Nothing like an olympian, but still a challenge. Individually, none of these projects are major, but together, they’re a big deal to me. I’m using stash yarn, learning to felt, making a sweater and conquering what has seemed unconquerable… all in the space of 17 days. LOVE the Knitting Olympics & Ravelympics.


2 Responses to “The line up”

  1. ErynnLeighan Says:

    Well, miss m’am… I’m not a HS Spanish teacher ;o). That makes it a bit easier for me. Plus nap times are mandatory. No ifs ands or buts about it.
    And thanks. I’m hoping to come around to liking that afgan too. Right now it has big bad mojo built up over years of procrastinating and feeling guilty about talking my mom into buying the yarn for it, swearing I would finish it… and then not.

  2. I have to say my favorite is the Victorian Lace Afgan. I don’t knit, always wanted to learn. I use to crochet before babies, how are you finding the time? You are too creative, and that is meant to be a complement!

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