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The finish line… like it or lump it March 1, 2010

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Okay… remember how I thought maybe my line up for the Ravelympics/ Knitting Olympics was possibly crazy ambitious? Turns out it was more than a little crazy ambitious. Downright straight jacket nutty. Here’s what I actually accomplished…
Still, I feel really good about my effort. I knit at every reasonable opportunity and have become quite attached to this whole knitting thing, which was part of my goal. Seems a little crazy to *try* to become attached to a hobby– either you are or you aren’t. Still, I wanted to become attached because I know it’s good for me. It’s beneficial for lots of reasons that I could go into now, but think I’ll save for another post since it’s… Wow. 2:30 am. Anyway, I’m pleased with my efforts and I’m pleased with the results. For me to actually finish any project always seems like a major deal, but to start AND finish in 17 days?! I’m thrilled.


2 Responses to “The finish line… like it or lump it”

  1. dana Says:

    I am impressed! Those are GREAT!

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