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It took a budget March 6, 2010

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We’re almost 4 weeks into Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU). It’s going really well and we’re already on to baby step #2. Our homework this week is to do a full-blown budget and lay out what comes out of what paycheck. Totally essential. Totally helpful. Totally NOT fun. We didn’t argue or fuss at each other like Dave warns about. That wasn’t it at all. It’s just that we’re used to a very loose concept of a budget. Jeremy gets paid, we pull out offering, get online and pay bills, then spend whatever is left. There’s no consideration for the fact our car will one day die, that next week there’s more bills than paycheck (’cause every bill is due THAT week), no thought given to saving. It means that when we look down and see that Jaden’s pants are now capris and decide he just can’t pull that look off (not that many people can), either we don’t eat that week or we dig a financial hole & get him some new pants.

This new budgeting thing… well… now there’s just no room for eating out because I don’t feel like cooking, for going to the movies on a whim or flying off to Rio for dessert (okay… so some of that is just fantasy… Movies on a whim? Who does that?). And my chocolate budget is slim. Bonus, though: I actually have a knitting budget.

It’s gonna be good. I know it will. I just have to get used to this whole idea of being an adult and being responsible. You’d think three kids, a husband & a mortgage would do the trick to convince me I am actually an adult… but nope. It took a budget.


2 Responses to “It took a budget”

  1. ErynnLeighan Says:

    lol… Sure, we can have it… In about 30 years! If I put aside $5 a month, by the time we’re 60-ish, we oughta be able to make it.

  2. :( You mean you and I can’t have that “Mommy’s” get-away that we were going to plan? Remember Thailand?

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