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Saturday March 9, 2010

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Bad news:
We were headed to the zoo, but got this instead…

We were all seat-belted and/ or in car seats, so no one was seriously hurt. Isaiah got the worst of it. He was in a captain’s seat behind the driver. The seat detached from the floor (!!!) and slammed him up against the back of the driver’s seat. His big toe was smashed between the seats and it’s broken. He doesn’t want to walk on it (and shouldn’t for about 10 more days). My wrist is sprained, but other than that, we’re all just bumped and bruised.

Our friend who is the pulpit preacher at the Owasso church of Christ, came to pick us up (since we couldn’t seem to get the van started for some reason). His broad smile sure was a sight for sore eyes. The kids and I had been hanging out in the back of the ambulance for at least 45 minutes. The kids were feeling understandably cuddly, a bit nervous and not really enjoying the ambulance in comparison with the anticipated zoo. When our friend showed up at the back door, he had just exactly the right words: “I’ve got donuts!” Jaden’s face lit up and out the back he went into the arms of our friend. He took Isaac too, a paramedic took Isaiah, I scrambled my pregnant self out and we headed off to the waiting church van. Jeremy and one of the paramedics finagled the car seats out of our van and we were on the road again. We were so relieved to have family (spiritual family, that is) close by and able to help. The thoughtfulness of the donuts was just over the top and true to his style. He has a genuine servant’s heart, is humble, caring, loving and manages to be one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, too. And a sidenote: when I think of women who exemplify the noble woman of Proverbs 31:10-31, his wife is one of the first ladies I think of.

No doubt, it wasn’t a good day, but it could have been much much MUCH worse. We’re all fine. The other people involved in the wreck are fine. Now we’re just cleaning up the financial and transportational mess this causes. I get the feeling, though, that it’s all going to work out. Though Romans 8:28 is NOT talking about this world (let me make that clear!), I have a hunch that somehow this is going to work out in this world and for the ultimate good.

One more piece of bad news, then moving on. I would just leave it here except that this prayer request is important. Not long after our crash, there was a fatal hit and run in the same area. Please pray for the victim’s family and that the other driver is found.

Good news:
Since we had an afternoon free, we also got… 



And looky!!
It’s a sprayer!!
It stretches way out too!

Confession #1: I have a lot more pictures (5 more) I was going to post, but decided maybe that was a little too crazy. There’s one of how it swings to the right. One which demonstrates its swing to the left. There’s one of it not spraying, but aptly pouring a nice fat flow of water. There aren’t any of me kissing it, but there might be if I could figure out how to hold the camera like that.

Anyway, I was particularly pleased that my sweet hubby installed it for me and we didn’t have to pay $99 for Lowes to do it. The old one was leaking and starting to really damage the wood under the sink. The new faucet had been sitting in its box taunting Jeremy for a couple of weeks, but he showed it who was boss. It looks great and almost makes dishwashing a treat. Almost. Not quite, but almost.

Confession #2: I had to wait till today to take pictures of the faucet because up till about 10:45 this morning, the sink was too nasty to photograph. I’m talking brown and nasty. It’s shining now, though! I think even FlyLady would be proud of my shiny sink.




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