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Upsidedownsville April 2, 2010

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On Tuesday at my OB appointment, we found out Quacho is breech. I’d kind of wondered since I was pretty sure I felt his little noggin right up by my ribs, but didn’t really think much of it. Wishing I had considered it earlier because he should’ve flipped a while ago, but nothing to do about that now. So… I’m coming to you from Upsidedownsville. Got the ironing board laying on the stairs, hips halfway up it and my head at the bottom. Not comfortable. At all. But I think it might actually be working. He had been kicking waaayyy down low but now he’s kicking my hips and his head feels like it’s on one side more than the other. It’s not like these breech tilts are the only thing I’ve been doing, though. It has been Mission Flip for the last 2 days.

Breech tilts
Music at the pelvic bone
Warm pack at the pelvic bone
Ice pack on his head
climbing down the stairs on my hands and knees
Handstands in the pool
Cat/ Cow yoga pose (on the bed… on the floor… in the warm therapy pool at the fitness club)
exercise ball (raised up on the twins’ bean bag chair since I’m too cheap to pay full price for one of the big balls that would actually fit my 5’10” self and there’s none at the local thrift shop)
sugary drink then side lying
a bit of massage
clothespin on my pinky toes… haven’t done that one yet, but thinking I will today. Might as well.

And prayer. Everyone is praying.

So, we’ll see what happens. I don’t think I will attempt a breech birth. Pretty sure he’s a footling breech and that’s supposed to be the most dangerous. Jeremy is pretty nervous about the idea of a natural breech birth too. Besides, I don’t think my dr will do one, and I’ve heard there really aren’t any drs or midwives around who will. The dr will do an external version at labor time and that’s supposed to be pretty successful, so I’m hopeful that all these tricks, all the prayers and that combined will mean I can still deliver au naturel.

There’s bunches more going on, but Upsidedownsville time is done… so I’m signing off for now. :o)


2 Responses to “Upsidedownsville”

  1. TURN BABY TURN! You can do it! My brother was born breach 30 years ago in a miltary hospital….naturally. It can be done <3

  2. martha Says:

    I have heard good things about accupuncture (something about a needle in the little toe, which may work with the clothes pin, but if you could get the actual acupunture done it might help more. Wish I would have known about it when I was pregnant with the twins. Good luck and turn baby turn.. my mother had both of my older brothers natural and they were both breach.

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