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The latest October 7, 2010

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I haven’t written on this blog in forever and I kinda miss it. So… I’ve given myself 13 minutes and I’m gonna use it to blog. Here goes…

I thought I’d do a synopsis of life since I last wrote…

June– I have no idea what happened in June, to be quite honest. I’m sure it was grand… I just don’t remember what made it grand! lol

July– July was grand and I do remember some of why. One of the highlights was getting to meet a Facebook friend, Erin Wells, and her family (hubby Joe, daughter Michaela, sons Colton and Camden). We had a great visit, ate cake for Michaela’s birthday and finally figured out that the reason we were all sweating was that the A/C had gone out on what was, to that point, the hottest day of the year. Got that fixed pronto thanks to the church’s good name in this community. Otherwise, it may have taken days and days. Truly a good name is to be desired above riches ;o)

August– August 7 was our 11th anniversary and it fell on a Saturday (yay!). Friends kept the kiddos and we had a whole night to ourselves (and Ean since he’s still nursing). We went out to a FABULOUS restaurant (Michael Fusco’s) and then a movie (Knight and Day… it was okay bordering on good). August also marked the beginning of our first year as homeschoolers… and we love it. Really, truly love it. A couple of school sessions in and I knew this was time I don’t want to ever have to trade for anything.

September– September was simply wonderful also! September was the month of family: blood family, married-into-family and church family. Some of my family who I hadn’t seen in some time came over for lunch (drove 5 hours one way out of their way to do so). My aunts Sara and Jonna, great-aunt Patsy and my grandma all came down. Jeremy made a really mouth-wateringly delicious brisket and we chowed down Southern style. We got to go to the Bear Valley Bible Institute Homecoming lectures. Wow. Those were awesome. Best part was getting to see old friends and be encouraged by each other. The lectures themselves are all recorded (search iTunes for “Bear Valley”)… but being there to hear them… that was special. We also got to visit a bit with my family and a bit with Jeremy’s family. Another special time! With Jeremy’s family, we went to Bible class, hung out at Steve’s house and did what we used to get to do a lot: just be together. Miss those days. With my family, we went up to Lookout Mountain above Denver and roamed around Buffalo Bill Cody’s gravesite. Kinda cool… what was really cool was hanging out with my two nieces and my nephew and my little sister and my parents. Got to ride down the mountain with my mom and that was lovely to sit and chat. The next day I got to spend lunch with my older sister and that was wonderful too. Didn’t get to see her as much as I’d have liked, but she did get to meet Ean, I did get to hug her… and for now that’ll have to be enough. Before we left, Mom gave me a really beautiful shawl she’d knit for me and Ean (for Ean because it’s for nursing, for me because… well… because it’s for me). It was a great trip. The drive home was much less than great, but we’ll just skip over that. :o)

October– This has been a great month so far. Nothing too eventful. We’re looking forward to going down to FL for a dear friend’s wedding. My mom (maybe my dad too) will fly out here to care for the kids while we’re down there, so that’ll be a huge stress relief. Otherwise it was going to be 36 hours round trip driving. And remember I mentioned the drive home wasn’t fun? Yah. It really wasn’t.

Okay… that’s it! Time’s up! Here’s an old post that I started in June…
You know what? Life with four little boys is kinda crazy! “Life is crazy” has become cliché, really. People say it so often (I say it so often) that it doesn’t mean much any more. So maybe what I ought to say is this…

Life with four little boys…
is busy
is fun
sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out (or theirs)
is a bit wild
requires a lot of energy
is educational
is an adventure
is full of hugs
means naps are not optional
is a huge blessing
takes more organization than I currently have
really IS a huge blessing
means the toys I trip over have sharp edges and are likely to roll under me.

but most of all… Life with four little boys is…



2 Responses to “The latest”

  1. Hi Erynn and Jeremy, I am Tim and my wife is Jeanette. God has an interesting way of bringing people together. I was reading Five Ways to get Freshly Pressed which i seldom do. Down at the bottom it said 89 blogger’s like this post. For some strange reason i clicked on one of those 89 and it was you. After reading your current blog about the kids i then read I’m Not the Preachers Wife then i went to the West Side Church of Christ website. To my amazement the location of the church is close to where i grew up. I came from Bartlesville my sister lives in Broken Arrow. Anyway not to ramble but it was very nice reading your post and we pray that God will Bless You’re Family Richly and may He keep you tightly in the Palm of His Mighty Hand.

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