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Blathering December 11, 2010

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This is me blathering about the things that I would normally blather to my husband (and some other things too), but he is out-of-town at the moment and also out of cell phone range, so… I’m blathering on here. And yes, “blathering” is a real word. I checked. I didn’t make it up, but I kinda wish I had. Or at least been there when whoever did make it up was doing the making up. I strongly suspect he/ she was having a ton of fun. ‘Cause it’s a fun (if not altogether flattering) word. So… here’s where the blathering begins…

1) Jeremy took Jaden on an 18 hour round trip drive to pick up a saltwater aquarium from his brother. It’s kind of a Christmas present for our family and I’m pretty excited. It’s gonna be cool. Whenever we’ve been at his brother’s house, I have loved sitting and watching the fish. I’m hoping we can get some really neat fish (maybe an eel!!) and some anemones and coral. I’m also kind of nervous because it sounds like a major undertaking and more like a hobby than a freshwater aquarium typically is. It’ll be neat to learn about all of it, though… and I think I foresee some seriously awesome homeschool lessons coming out of this.

2) I’m training for a 5k. I still can’t believe it. I may have to type that again. I’m training for a 5k. On December 31 at 11:00pm, I will be in Tulsa, standing around with a bunch of other loons under a giant “START” banner waiting to run just over 2 miles… for no particular reason. All of my life I have believed that running is an impossibility for me. I have spent much time and energy avoiding running, invented many excuses and delivered them convincingly both to myself and to P.E. teachers about why I cannot run. Not won’t. Not don’t wanna… though those things were also true… but CANNOT. Yet here I am, in the middle of the Couch to 5K  program and not hating it. Actually, I’m loving it! I am loving the feeling that accomplishing something “impossible” gives. When I started, running for the whole 90 seconds was hard! At this point, running the 5 minutes is hard, but 90 seconds… meh. Could do it in my sleep (okay… not literally). Bonus: I’ve lost weight. The scale says I’m down lower than I’ve been since I was pregnant with the twins. My clothes are looser than they were before that even. That’s not even what I’m aiming for, but it sure is a nice side effect!

3) I’m between dojos at the moment. Stinks. I miss TKD a lot. Honestly, I don’t think I could hack it training for a 5k and doing TKD, but I miss it. I have a new dojo picked out and I’m hoping to start there in January. I think I’m probably behind in my forms, but I think I can catch up quickly. The katas are what I’m best at anyway.

4) The twins are going through a seriously annoying phase where they both want the same thing. Doesn’t matter what it is, doesn’t matter if there’s an equivalent object available… they both want THAT one. They run up to me with puppy dog eyes saying, “Can’t share, Mommy! Can’t share!” My solution? I set the timer and whoever has the whatever must give it up to his brother when the timer goes off. Set the timer again and the whatever goes away when the timer goes off. The trouble is mostly with clothes because my solution doesn’t really work for that! hahaha

5) I watched “Sound and Fury” tonight for the second or third time. I think it is a really fascinating documentary and highly recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in Deafness or Deaf culture or American Sign Language. It’s all about an extended family and their struggles over the decision to give their children cochlear implants  (CIs) or not. If you’re not involved with the Deaf world at all, you may not be aware that this is HUGELY controversial. This excellent movie really does a good job of exploring the controversy from a variety of angles. Anyway… when I first saw this movie, it was before I had kids of my own and I was really against CIs. But I have to admit (and please, if any of my Deaf friends are reading this, don’t flame me, okay? :o) ) I think I would give my kid implants. The technology has advanced enough and it provides enough of a benefit and opportunity that I think it would be worth it… IF… you educate yourself and commit to providing the right tools and education for the kid. The problem of a kid being stuck between a hearing world and a Deaf world is valid… but it’s also valid for a multi-racial kid. You do your best to introduce them to both cultures and they will identify where they feel they fit best. But to deny them the opportunity by not giving the kid implants does limit their choices. You have effectively stuck them in a Deaf world which you yourself cannot ever be fully part of. That doesn’t seem fair or right to the parents or the kids.

6) I refuse to apologize for not blogging regularly. It seems standard operating procedure on most other blogs I have read that if the writer hasn’t blogged in a while, they issue an apology about abandoning their friends who may have been in quest of entertainment/ news updates… and that’s fine. I don’t mind… but for me, blogging is just a sometimes thing. It’s like hot chocolate. When I’m in the mood for it, I love it, I enjoy it and I’ll probably go on a streak of wanting it all the time. I blog when want to and can find the time… but those two things seem not to coincide very often. Kinda funny. Oh, well.

Okay… well… it’s bed time for boo bear (where does that saying come from anyway? Is it just my folks who say that? I never hear anyone else say it…)


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