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The Curse-ed Socks January 9, 2011

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This post is waaay overdue and probably wouldn’t be going up at all except that I discovered I’d virtually written it already on my project notes on Ravelry. So here it is!

May 2009
This is my first pair of socks and I think I may never knit anything BUT socks from here on out. This is brilliance in yarn! It’s utter magic that a bit of skinny string, a few sticks and a few hours (okay, more than a few for a slow knitter like me) and VOILA socks! I am amazed and loving it. So pleased with myself and these socks that it’s ridiculous. Even if I can’t wear them on my feet, I may pin them to my shirt or a hat… something. “What? These? Why, yes, I did make them. Brilliant? Oh! You’re too kind. Do go on!”
2-1-10 (yes… really this long later… I was not one of those knitters who takes knitting everywhere)
One sock down, the second sock was immediately cast on (in an attempt to defeat the Second Sock Syndrome monster, a.k.a. SSS monster). Things were going along blissfully well until cue ominous music… my twin two-year-olds struck. They yanked out the needles and frogged the sock back beyond my (meager) ability to repair it. Dropped stitches galore, a pile of tangled yarn… what’s a distraught knitter to do but finish the frogging? Completely daunted by the idea of casting on and dividing stitches onto DPNs again, I submitted and confessed defeat to the great SSS monster. The art formerly known as Sock was cast into the dungeons of the stash, sealed in plastic and left with only its memories. Alas, all hope is not lost, for I have now gained a new and marvelous weapon for battle!
cue triumphant music
crowd cheering
Yes, ladies and gentleman, the rematch is at hand! SSS Monster is going down! With a brand spanking new pair of Addie Turbo circulars in hand and a new skill in my pocket, I shall be the champion and SSS Monster shall hang his head in shame. Let the rematch begin!
Just as soon as I get this current pair of socks done. ;o)
Making the second sock so much later and with such lovely, nice needles (Addi Turbos) might be a mistake. The thing is about 25% smaller width-wise. Blithely knitting on and pretending this will not be a problem.

Much later update (1-9-11):
I have come to call these the curse-ed socks. Yes, curse-ed… not cursed. “Cursed” doesn’t convey the trials these socks have endured. Frogging by twins. Frogging by knitter. Then in March, they were my chosen knitting project when we were in a car accident (no worries, all 6 passengers in our vehicle and both passengers in the other vehicles were fine). They got water spilled all over them, yarn tangled (how in the world did that happen?!) and had to be… yep… frogged. Not totally, but a fair bit. These trials were conquered, the toe was completed (also in March last year… I told you this post was overdue), the socks were tried on (one definitely knit with more skill than the other) only to discover…

the toe seam runs perpendicular to the toes. Argh. Nevertheless…
I love these things. Wear ‘em every chance I get. They’re comfy. They’re cozy. They’re pretty. They go with anything (except sandals). They’ve been through a lot and they’ve come out the other side smelling like roses. Okay… maybe more like stinky feet since they are, after all, socks… but you know what? They look great… so long as you don’t look at the toe that I didn’t bother to fix.

 Really, though… isn’t that the way it is with people too? Overlook the flaws, choose to see past them, focus on the positive, and we’re all pretty… we go well with each other… we’re comfy and cozy.

Ahh… life lessons via knitting.


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