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What I’m up to… January 24, 2011

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CFYC Spiritual Development Retreat…
Tami Roberts and I are planning a retreat for Christian women. We’ll go through a book of the Bible section by section, chapter by chapter. This year (our first year) is James. It’s getting to be a much bigger thing than I’d ever thought was realistic. We have ladies registered from 5 different states (as far away as Louisiana!). Women are going to be driving for hours, flying in from all over, ready, eager and anxious to hear what’s been prepared. And I’m one of the speakers. EEK! Tami is speaking, as well as Louise “Weezie” Burger, Kathy Petrillo, Kathy Pollard and Pam Stewart. I’m kind of freaking out because if I had a roll call of my heroes of the faith, all of these women would be on it for sure. So on the program, there’ll be THEM… and me. Very intimidating. But I’m up for it. I’m definitely up for it. I’ll meet the challenge and study all the more. It’s not supposed to be about me anyway. 

Knitting/ Crochet…
My mom and I have formed our own club. The rules:
1) No casting on new stuff, only finishing up of WIPs (work in progress).
2) No buying new yarn (except to finish a WIP).
3) If rule #1 is broken (because it will be… who are we kidding?), it must be done with stash yarn.
4) Report in frequently.
My WIPs list seems to be growing, not shrinking. This is the wrong direction. I have tried to convince my list to cooperate and kindly shrink, but I keep finding new things that are old things that are not done things. So I’m not making a list anymore. I’m just taking on one project at a time. And breaking rule #1 for even the slightest excuse. ;o)

On the needles/ hook:
Purple socks that have a kinda funky khaki stripe… not too sure if I like them yet or not. I think they might be way too big around and I’m not sure I’m keen on the color. I kinda thought the khaki was going to be flecks here and there… not a whole stripe. I am, however, having fun knitting them. So maybe they’re just not socks for me. Maybe they’re a gift. :o)
Little flowered beany… this is adorable. Very flapper-esque. If I had a girl, I’d make 10. I kinda want one for me. And I just might make one… eventually… when all my WIPs are done. (picture to come…)

Potty training… (boo! hiss!)
I keep telling myself that they’ll be trained before they’re 20, but I’m less convinced every day. A friend was telling me about how it’s harder to potty train twins (esp. twin boys) than singletons and it makes sense. One big reason kids potty train is so they can be more like Mommy & Daddy (the people they’re closest to). Well, in this case, the person they’re closest to also thinks diapers are just dandy. So I need to figure out a way to make potty training more appealing. Stickers aren’t working and they don’t seem to have much patience for goals whose reward is more than 10 minutes away. Gonna have to brainstorm.
We had SUCH a blowout Friday. Got to the mall and Isaac had #2 up his back, down his leg, in his sweat pants, on his shirt, on his jacket– everywhere… and it STANK. I’m talking stank up the whole car & mall bathroom, odor wafting behind him STANK. And (of course) I didn’t have a change of clothes and we were an hour from home. So… off to the Disney store where I know they have good sales when they have ’em. $13 for matching shirts (Handy Manny… gotta get ’em both one). But they don’t have pants except for pajamas. Back to the family bathroom where Jeremy and the three oldest are camped out (Ean was Maya wrapped to my chest… LOVE the Maya wrap), drop off shirts, go get mall stroller, come back for kids & oh-so-patient hubby, troop off to JC Penney, score pants for $3.24 and move on with the day (which ended up to be great despite the stinky start).

Thinking souls…
It’s not a popular thing, but it’s a Biblical truth that most people are headed for destruction (Matthew 7:13, 14). Either you believe it or you don’t. There really isn’t anything in the middle. So if you believe it (and I do), then you should certainly be doing something about trying to turn at least some of those you encounter on to the path to life. So I am. I’m making a more diligent and concerted effort to teach the gospel. Tomorrow will be the first of what I hope is many group Bible studies for young ladies in my home. The idea is simple. Provide an atmosphere to discuss the Bible and see who is interested in how it affects them personally and if they’d like to study together about their own salvation. It’s exactly what we did in college and it works. I don’t get out of the house a whole lot with my four littles, so I’ve spoken with some ladies from church and told them the plan and I’m relying on them to bring their friends.

I haven’t actually run since my 5k. I want to. But getting up the momentum is kinda hard. It doesn’t help that while I was training for the 5k, Ean was having a hard time nursing. Never seemed to be getting enough milk and so he bit me repeatedly and cried for more and I just didn’t have it. I’d set a goal to run six 5ks and one 10k this year… but I’m going to have to back that down, I’m afraid. I’m shooting to nurse Ean to at least 18 months, so he won’t be done until October.  The up side: he’s nursing really well now and not biting me so much. Yay!

I’ve just decided to stop fighting it. We’re apparently not a sit at the table at 10:00 kind of schooling family. Not at this stage of the game, anyway. So Jaden does his schooling in a variety of ways, at a variety of times. Sometimes it’s a computer game, sometimes it’s playing outside, sometimes it’s me making him do subtraction while we play War, sometimes it’s him teaching his brothers what the letter “A” says or reading to Ean and, yes… sometimes it is sitting at the table at 10:00. Those are my favorite days. We all sit down, Ean on my lap, the twins to my right, Jaden to my left. Jaden does his project, the twins do theirs and Ean soaks it all up.

So, that’s life in this Sprouse House… at least my end of it! :o)


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