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There is coming a day January 26, 2011

Filed under: diary — Erynn Sprouse @ 2:00 pm

You know, it occurs to me that one day in the not-too-distant future, all I’ll want is all of my kids under one roof. There will surely be a holiday or two where someone can’t make it. Right now all my kids can play happily in a very small space.


They run and laugh and play, argue, fuss and cry… all within arm’s reach. But another kind of day is coming…

A day when “call Mom” is on their to-do list.

A day when things like money and time and vehicles have to be arranged and dealt with in order to get a hug from my favorite people.

So I am trying to soak this all in, squeeze the moments dry and store them up to be drawn on when that day comes. I’m trying to train them and guide them so they’ll still be my favorite people when they’re grown, so they’ll be my co-workers in God’s kingdom, so they will be happy and productive citizens.



One Response to “There is coming a day”

  1. SuSu Says:

    The most important thing is to raise ADULTS you would be happy to have around. Your progeny will be adults far longer than they are children, so help them grow into people you like and want to share with. That means that the characteristics you value in your friends and family must be inculcated during that brief pliable (ok, semi-pliable) period when you can encourage them to become all they can. That means that you have to put up with some behaviors in your children that are desirable in adults, but a little difficult to tolerate in children — like independence and self-sufficiency.

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