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Fabulous Fourth July 4, 2011

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We had a fabulous Fourth of July today. The first half was spent doing… well… doing nothing… which is kinda nice. Almost nothing anyway. I tried to get the kids interested in a book I got at the library on the Declaration of Independence, but it was over their heads. I thought it was cool, anyway. I know amazingly little about American history actually. Which may be why I got a D in that class back in 8th grade. Sorry, Mr. Poland.

Anyway, after a rousing round of nothing, the three oldest and I swooped off to Wally World to gather ingredients for the evening’s festivities. Going to Walmart with three boys who really should be napping is not a great idea, but it turned out okay. We can make a game out of anything, and today the game was Cart Flying. Everyone has their posts around the basket, and our task is to navigate the cart through the crowds both efficiently and politely. Mission: accomplished.

Came home, boys napped, Jeremy and I had a late lunch of black bean hummus (recipe from Whole Foods) with corn tortillas and cucumbers while watching Psych. The boys woke up while I was making dinner & dessert. The prep work, anyway. While I did that, they occupied themselves cleaning up the den and then playing with milk and food dye (loads of fun!… for the how-to, click here and scroll down to #2). Dinner was hand-tossed pizza (thanks to my husband’s mad pizza skills he learned back in the day at his brother’s pizza joint… now called “Tossed and Sauced” in Enterprise, KS) with breadsticks and for dessert… oh yum… THIS was fabulous…

Blueberry Cardamom ice cream (click here for the post it came from).

(that’s her picture too… she’s a great photographer as well as a great writer and chef)

Sasha (whose last name I don’t know) does a great job of selecting, sharing, explaining and reviewing recipes from a different country each week. She’s going around the globe in alphabetical order (which would be a real serious pain in real life), stopping over in just about every country along the way… via the taste buds. Great plan. My kinda plan. And I’m loving watching her do all the work.

Also for dessert, we had these…

They came from another blog (which is a brand new discovery for me) called Our Best Bites. They have a cookbook too, which sounds wonderful, but probably will not be coming anywhere near our kitchen because the recipes probably aren’t all that clean (as in Clean Eating… but that’s another post). Our strawberries didn’t look nearly so pretty because I used almond bark and home-dyed sugar, but they were tasty and the kids thought it was fabulous. Again… mission: accomplished. :o)

We did a few fireworks and had Bible time (we use Bible Study Guide for All Ages and everyone LOVES it), Jeremy read some Hank the Cowdog to the boys as they laid in bed and that’s it! Now Jeremy just finished doing a little bit on his blog, I’m doing a bit on mine and then I’ll do tomorrow’s CFYC post, we’ll have our nightly talking time and head off to bed.

It’s a great life. An everyday kind of life… here in America, anyway. It’s not like this everywhere and I’m glad to have the freedom required for such a great life. May God bless America, but more importantly, may America learn to bless God.


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