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Better Than I Deserve November 6, 2011

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So we’ve been here just over a month in Dublin. It’s starting to get colder… on average anyway… today it’s kinda warm. Jaden is adjusting slowly, but surely. He’s so much like me in so many ways… sometimes not in the best ways. He’s an all-or-nothing kinda kid and right now he needs to understand that it’s okay to miss Muskogee AND like it here. He doesn’t like his world being rocked. Yesterday we went to return a bowl to a sweet neighbor who had brought over banana pudding for the kids. The husband answered the door and asked if we were getting settled and how we like it. Jaden piped up (can’t believe we ever thought the kid would be shy!) and said, “Yeah! And I HATE it!”

So we had a talk.

We talked about all the things he doesn’t hate about Dublin. Being on the soccer team with his two friends from the congregation and having his daddy as the coach. Having one of his best buds right down the street. Getting to share a room with his brothers. Nice big back yard with a perfect tree for climbing. The grandfatherly neighbor next door who brings over cookies and books and wants to be called “Pop-Pop.” And on and on.

But he misses his friends and a phone call doesn’t suffice, really. So my heart hurts for him. But I’m also frustrated with him because it seems he is counting his sorrows instead of his blessings.

I know I get the same way sometimes. So I want to remember this… and I want to remember that maybe how I’m feeling right now is how God feels sometimes about the ways I act when I forget that really, I’m blessed far beyond what was promised and beyond what I deserve. So blessed that I really don’t even know how blessed I am. So blessed that I walk past blessings, waste blessings, forget that others would work themselves to the bone, fight wars, kill and be killed for some of the simplest blessings I have…

clean, running water

a good roof over my home

Four happy, healthy, smart, kind, loving boys

a refrigerator stocked with nutritious, safe, delicious food… and a pantry too.

a Bible… many Bibles.

Clothes that fit me and the season

Heated home

and oh! how I could go on.

As Dave Ramsey says… “Better than I deserve.”


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