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Recipe: Jamaican Root Down May 28, 2012

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Delicious. Refreshing. Unique. Easy. Notice I didn’t say healthy. :o)

This is a summer-time favorite around here. It comes from one of my favorite little coffee shops, Shades of Brown in Tulsa, OK.

Jamaican Root Down

Serves 1

2 oz Cold-brewed coffee, a.k.a. Toddy (see notes for how to make your own)
12 oz Root Beer (pref. sugar sweetened… that way you can more easily pretend it’s healthy)
1/4 cup half & half or cream (to taste, really)

Fill up a giant mug with ice. Pour on cold brewed coffee, root beer and then slowly add half & half or cream. Voila!


  • To make your own cold-brewed coffee, you could buy one of these contraptions…

    OR you could do this instead…
    Grab a 2 qt pitcher. Dump a cup of plain-jane drip coffee grounds in and add about 4 cups of water (you can double or triple this easily; the ratio of 1:4 stays the same. You could even go crazy and make a five gallon bucket full… just warn somebody of the impending caffeine surplus first). Let it sit on the counter (NOT in the fridge) with a lid on for 8-12 hours. Hint: don’t leave it on the edge of the counter where a two-year-old can reach it and dump it on the floor. Even if he laughs hysterically and is incredibly adorable doing it, this is not a fun experiment.
    When the coffee is done brewing, line a strainer with a coffee filter and put it over another pitcher or a large bowl. Carefully strain the coffee into the second container. This is a little tricky, and we’ve tried several methods of getting the job done. We’ve rubber banded the coffee filter to the top of the first container. That was an interesting mess. As soon as we flipped it over, the rubber band slipped off, neatly closed the filter and the coffee & grounds went everywhere. We’ve put the strainer/ filter combo on top of the pitcher then flipped it and that works fairly well but it can be tricky to keep it together during the flipping. Ultimately, we’ve decided that the key is just to be fast. :o)
    Since we’re really not coffee people, I don’t know if you can heat up the coffee for your morning dose or not, but you can make any kind of cold coffee drink you can dream up. Since it’s cold-brewed, it has a much lower acid level and a somewhat different taste.
  • Other flavors of soda are okay too. Root Beer is by far the best, but Pepsi is tasty too. Stevia-sweetened sodas didn’t really taste right. Don’t think we’ve tried traditional diet sodas.
  • In a pinch, you can get a do-able substitute from Sonic. It’s not the same, but it’s still pretty good. Order a large Root Beer with cream & a shot of espresso. We’ve tried larger sizes and smaller sizes, but they don’t seem to have the right ratio. Tip: Be sure to speak very clearly and don’t just say “Large Root Beer with cream & espresso.” They won’t bring you what you want. Who knows what you’ll get. Say, “Large Root Beer with easy ice, add cream, add a shot of espresso.” They’ll think you’re crazy… but you’ll know you’re just super smart and adventurous.

One Response to “Recipe: Jamaican Root Down”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    At first thought, this sounds just awful. I’ll try it and let you know. I have a pretty good recipe for a liquid Chai concentrate that I like.

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