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Conversations to Remember May 30, 2012

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Here’s a random collection of conversations I’d like to remember (just a few of them), mostly with my children, some with other people’s children, a few with my handsome husband…


A while back after a long, long day during a frustrating drive, I had a conversation with five-year-old Jaden…
Jaden: Where are we going?
Me: Crazy.
Jaden: Will they have food there?


My nephew Caleb on pickled ginger: “You think it’s ham, so you bite into it and BOOM!” (he’s not a fan… lol)


This one has become common and it’s one of my favorites.

Four-year-old Isaiah pops his head into whatever room I’m in and…
Isaiah: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Isaiah: I yove you.
Me: I love you too, Buddy.
Isaiah: I yike you.
Me: I like you too, Buddy.


Me: You know, Jaden, one of the cool things about homeschool is that you can do your work wherever you want to. You could even do it in a tree.
Jaden: Really? Cool…


At the beginning of May, I was sitting on a plane waiting for United Airlines to solve the airplane’s problems when I got a text from my nine-year-old nephew. He wants to know what I’m doing. “Sitting on a plane,” I tell him. Soon I get a text from my niece who’s somewhat fascinated that I’m on a plane. We exchange a bit about flying and I learn that she flew on a Shamu plane once. She wonders what’s wrong with my plane. I tell her the computer on board isn’t working and they’re going to replace it. Pretty soon we’re in the air and I can’t text. When we land, my phone is going nuts with texts from various people, including my sweet 12-year-old niece. She tells me that in her “ND” books (Nancy Drew books… she’s quite a reader) they sometimes run out of fuel halfway thru the flight.


Conversation with Jeremy…
Me: does my hair look okay?
Jeremy: it’s alright.
Me: not good? My hair is uncooperative today.
Jeremy: if THIS is a bad hair day, you have nothing to worry about.

I’d like to make a more concerted effort to remember some of my conversations with my sweet husband. We have some really good ones… some really encouraging ones… some really hilarious ones… some I’d like to tell my kids about when they have their own wives.


Conversation with Ean…
Ean: Heeeeoooo! Heeeeeooooo! [translation: help! help!]
Me: **trying not to laugh at him stuck in his bed** Sorry, Buddy. Gonna have to take a picture first.


A recent one with Isaac…
Isaac: Mom, why do you have so many kids?
Me: Remember we talked about this? Each of you are a gift from God. God gave you to us.
Isaac: Like a birthday present?
Me: Well, kind of.
Isaac: So… we came in a box???

This one has become a daily conversation (minus the box part usually). I think he enjoys hearing that he’s a gift from God… and he is. :o)


On my way to the shower to wash my desperately-needing-a-wash hair, Isaiah sees me and says, “I yike your hair, Momma!”


Conversation with Ean…
Me: Where are your piggies?
Ean: **grabbing toes** Piggy! Moo!


Isaiah: Mommy! I brought you a dandetiger!


Valentine’s Day 2010… I was 7 months pregnant and I seem to remember it was a particularly long day. We were having our standard nightly talking time and reminiscing about our first Valentines Day 11 years prior (I should note, because our first Valentines was over-the-top romantic, this has always been our big holiday as a couple… as big as an anniversary). Out of the blue, I started crying… then weeping… then sobbing…

Me: I **sniff sniff** don’t **snork sniff** even know **sniff sniff** why I’m… I’m… I’m… **sniff sniff snork** crying.
Jeremy: **pulls me over to lay on his chest**
Me: **snorking, downright pregnant-lady-crazy** Sorry. Prob’ly **snork** wouldn’t have done that **sniff** our first Valentine’s.
Jeremy: **smiling** This is better.
Me: Your crazy, hormonal, pregnant wife crying on your chest for no reason is better?
Jeremy: Yep. This is better.


Conversation with Isaiah…
Isaiah: Mom! I have a really, really funny joke. You ready?
Me: go ahead.
Isaiah: Rocks… … … That’s the joke.

This has also become a common one… or a common theme, anyway. The twins seem to think that anything with a question mark or anything they want to say out of the blue is a joke. I have to admit, it is pretty funny. :o)


Conversation with Isaac after trying to wake Isaiah several times…
Jeremy: Isaac, grab an ice cube and go stick it down Isaiah’s shirt, please.
Isaac: Yes, sir!
**he gets ice & is gone for a while… then there’s a shriek from down the hall…**
Isaac:  Daddy, I don’t think Isaiah wants ice in his shirt.


Isaac: Momma! I’m a bwoo [translation: blue] guy and I’m gonna give pretend bwoo shirts to all the little people!
Me:  The little people?
Isaac: Yeah! The little people! They’re tiny. They live outside and I’m gonna give ’em pretend bwoo shirts and bwoo shorts and bwoo windy hats!
Isaiah: And I’m a oreeenj [translation: orange] guy! And I’m gonna give ’em pretend oreeenj shirts!


Conversation with Jaden…
Me: what did you talk about in Bible class?
Jaden: the 10 lepers.
Me: oh really? And what did they do?
Jaden: oh, you know. Same thing they always do.


Predicted conversation with Ean…
Ean: my mom always just laughed at me or took a picture when I was upset. She said the way I stuck my lip out was too funny not to.
Therapist: and how did that make you feel?


This one I don’t remember exactly, but here’s the general sentiment and how it probably went…

Me: I don’t want to go to that class. It’s full of young, skinny, beautiful girls and I feel like a frumpy old lady.
Jeremy:  But you have everything they want. They’re probably jealous.
Me: What do you mean?
Jeremy: What do they want? They want to be happily married with kids. That’s you. You’re married, doing well, and have great kids.

It was– and often still is– the reminder I needed that the shallow things of looks and such aren’t what is important. Of course, we KNOW that, but sometimes don’t FEEL it. So when I find my shoulders slumping in a room where I feel inadequate because I don’t feel beautiful, I remember that I have what is most important, and I even have what I always dreamed of. My husband loves me more than anything in the world, and lets me know it all the time. I love him right back. We have four fabulous boys and a fifth on the way.


Me: Are you done?
Isaiah: It just needs a yittle bit more…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I like the paint by his eye — true concentration. Love you all. Susu

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