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Recipe: Baked egg with ham & provolone in tomato cup June 4, 2012

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Folks, this here is the breakfast of champs. Especially pregnant ones.

Plus it’s delicious. A tall glass of milk (in a cup made by my talented hubby), a cup of fruit salad featuring citrus fruits, whole grain toast with coconut butter & a drizzle of honey, a thingy of yogurt (Brown Cow cream on top yogurt, by the way, is the BEST yogurt on the planet… a bit of a splurge money-wise and fat-content-wise, but very much worth it)… and the piece de resistance… baked egg with ham & provolone in a tomato cup.

We’ve been big fans of the Bradley Method since our first pregnancy and this is a very Bradley breakfast. Bradley is a very comprehensive program and while some people set it up as an alternative to Lamaze, it really isn’t… it’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax, especially the way Lamaze is done nowadays, but that’s a discussion for another post. If you’re interested, I’d HIGHLY recommend checking out the Bradley Method, especially the nutrition information. It’s gold, I tell ya, gold. Anyway, onto the part we’re waiting for…

Baked Egg in Tomato Cup

1 large tomato
2 slices ham (the lunch meat kind)
1 egg
italian seasoning salt, or other seasoning of your choice
1 slice provolone

Preheat oven to 350*. Carefully cut off the top of the tomato and scoop out the insides. Place the ham inside the tomato like a muffin cup liner (it helps to kinda fold it into a plus shape… pick it up, fold in half hotdog-style then pinch the sides together so it looks like a plus sign or a cootie catcher… …or just fold it in fourths, stick it in then unfold it inside the tomato cup like the instructions on a store-bought pie crust tell you to do… or just give up and cut the silly ham into pieces). Crack the egg into the ham liner. Sprinkle the egg with your chosen seasoning. Bake in a bowl in preheated oven until egg is done to your liking (remember preggos, under-cooked eggs may not be a great idea and the lunch meat needs to get hot enough to steam). Mine took 40 minutes to have the whole thing cooked through but not rubbery. Place the provolone slice on top and bake until it’s melty. Mine took about 3 minutes.

This recipe is largely from Poor Girl Eats Well’s Baked Eggs, Ham & Asparagus in Tomato Cups recipe. Thing is, she’s out in CA where produce seems to be a whole lot more reliably good than here. Asparagus seems to be seriously hit and miss for me, so I skipped it. If I’d thought of it, I’d have stuck some spinach in the bottom with the ham before cracking the egg in. Today at the store I tried to pick out extra large tomatoes in the hopes of getting two eggs in there… but maybe I’ll just make myself two tomato cups! They are seriously delicious.

One more tip for pregnant mommas… Especially when I was pregnant with our twins, I found it very difficult to eat all the good food I needed to (junk food? ice cream? chocolate? no problemo)… especially at breakfast time. One trick that worked well was to pack as much into one bite as I could. No, I don’t mean cram my mouth full… but I did find that if I had to eat toast and cheese and egg and ham all separately, it rarely happened. Instead, I’d put the cheese and ham on the toast and top it with my eggs. One bite was a bite of egg, ham, cheese and toast. Done in one-fourth the time. Three-quarters fewer opportunities for some texture or taste to trigger my oh-so-sensitive gag reflex. This tomato cup baked egg thing is sheer genius. Eating two eggs a day like Bradley recommends can get really old really quick. This is a great way to get some variety.

One more pic… just because…

The toast was calling my name very urgently. It needed me to take a bite out of it and it refused to wait until I took the picture. Once the toast quieted down, I enjoyed the shade over the picnic table and didn’t even mind the four boys running around me with their carts and cars and trucks smashing into each other playing bumper cars. :o)


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  1. I don’t know anything about the Bradley method but you’ve got me curious now! I’ve been eating eggs every morning for breakfast this pregnancy just because if I don’t, I feel more nauseous. This recipe looks delicious!

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