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Date Night: Sherlock Holmes June 16, 2012

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A couple of posts back, I talked about how we do our in-house date nights. I thought it might be fun to chronicle our date nights. Mostly for us. Mostly to preserve the memories, but hey… you’re welcome to come along. :o)

Gotta tell you, this week’s date night was as close as we’ve come in a while to getting cancelled. Jeremy planned to start a new series of date nights (more on that later… he’s still planning it), but then I double scheduled. Date night was slated for Friday and I invited people over for Friday night (am I the only one who often thinks there are two Fridays every week?). Oops! So we decided we would do our date night on Thursday… but Thursday was shaping up to be too busy for Jeremy to pull off his plan. Usually the whole thing is a surprise and I don’t have a clue what’s going on, but this new series is one he’s very excited about. He wrote me a teaser of a letter about what we were going to do and he really didn’t want to put it off… but he wanted even less to pull it off badly. So I volunteered to be in charge of date night. Very intimidating because my date nights never stack up to his. I do try to remember that it’s not a competition… still… I’d like to impress him just once…

Then I checked my email. Sherlock: Season 2 will only be available to watch online until the 19th. We’ve gotten kind of hooked on the show. It’s not squeaky clean, but it’s decent, and Jeremy is a bit of a SH fan. With my inspiration, I searched out Sherlock Holmes themed meals and struck gold with Cooking For Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Found a free e-book and everything was looking rosy… until Jeremy pointed out that only 20 of the 170+ pages is actually in the free e-book. Still, the e-book proved useful as we picked dishes for our meal from the menu.  Since we were limited on time, Jeremy found similar recipes online while I loaded up the boys and headed to the store. He emailed me a shopping list en-route and I actually managed to do all the shopping for the night (plus a little) in less than 45 minutes… with all four boys in tow. Now, if you don’t have kids, you may not realize this, but such a feat officially qualifies me for the Supermom Hall of Fame. I expect a call any day now. The kids were extremely well-behaved and I was proud to have them along.

Here’s what we had:

Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese

Corn bread

Beef Stew

Orange Chantilly Cream in Orange Cups

We both agreed that the roasted pears were the best part. Man, oh, man… that was tasty. They were supposed to be served on a bed of greens, but we didn’t feel like it, so we skipped it. We’re grown ups. We get to do that sometimes. The corn bread is the kind we pretty much always make. It’s a gluten-free recipe from Carol Fenster.  The stew was good, but nothing out of this world. I mean… it’s stew (note: if you go to the recipe linked to above, just scroll down till you see the recipe. The language in the rest of the post is not up to Ephesians 4:29 standards). The Chantilly Cream ran a close second with the pears. That was delicious too, especially down at the bottom where you can scrape some of the remaining orange flesh out and mix it well with the cream. Yum! Here’s fair warning, though: if you have high cholesterol, don’t even look at that recipe. Don’t stare too long at the photos either.

We took our meal to the bedroom, set up to watch the PBS Sherlock do his thing (Jeremy projects the show on the bedroom wall)… but PBS was uncooperative. We ended up downloading the newest Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock from iTunes. It was pretty good. Language wise, clean. Innuendo wise, pretty clean. Pretty violent. The plot line was good, though, and there’s always the loyalty of Watson, which Sherlock shared more openly in this movie than he does in other versions.

Most people probably care even less than we did, but I’ll bore you anyway. Sherlock Holmes, or rather the character of Sherlock Holmes, isn’t really much of an eater, making our theme a bit of a stretch. In the PBS series, he says that he finds digestion slows him down, and that’s pretty well in character. He doesn’t usually eat when he’s on a case, but some bloggers were quick to point out that when he does stop to eat, he can be a bit of a gastronome. We went with the gastronome side since tinned fish and stale bread didn’t sound like great date night fare. :o)

So there ya have it. That was our Sherlock Holmes date night. It was great and the recipes are definitely repeaters. One of my favorite things about this particular date night was that the preparation was a together thing too. We planned it together, we cooked it together… it was a team effort. Jeremy made the cornbread (we fed it to the kids for their dinner, too), and the stew. I made the pears and the Chantilly cream oranges. Ultimately, we enjoyed it all so much that we ordered the Cooking for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson book off of Amazon ($4.00 isn’t too bad!). We’ll probably repeat the theme down the road. Maybe for a special family meal when Jaden finishes his Sherlock book he’s reading… and probably repeat the theme for another date night, too.

Here are a few more pics to make you drool… and perhaps inspire you toward your own Sherlock night in.


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