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Seven Random Things June 24, 2012

Filed under: diary — Erynn Sprouse @ 2:42 am

Here’s a snipet of things from this past week (in random order)…

  1. I’m reading “A Still & Quiet Soul” by Cathy Messecar so I can write a review of it for The Christian Chronicle. 190 pages in the book, 100 words in the review (optional 500-600 word review for online). A bit intimidating, but I think I can do it. Actually, I’m quite enjoying the book. It’s not one I would have picked up on my own (just because I tend not to read books for ME), but I’m learning a lot about contentment… a big and constant goal of mine.
  2. The kids are loving to color right now. Specifically, they’re loving to color pages from their Squire & the Scroll coloring book (with pages you can legally reproduce! Woohoo!). They’re really adorable and I love to see how differently their pages come out even though they’re given the same picture to color.
  3. One of these days I’ll finish a blog post about homeschooling the advanced child, as promised. It’s one of those things you can write a million words on and still feel like you have a million more.
  4. Date night last week was themed 1912 (maybe I’ll even get a blog post up about that!). We kinda did a culinary tour of Africa, and now we’re doing a culinary tour of the ages, 100 years back at a time. So this coming week will be a meal typical of a middle-class American family in 1812. Lots of fun!
  5. This week is Vacation Bible School. It’s going to be good… busy… but good busy.
  6. Tonight I got a couple of bug bites on my feet and they were itching like mad! We had Malty Assam tea for our talking time tonight and Jeremy recommended rubbing some of the brewed leaves on my bug bites. No harm anyway, we figured. It worked! The bug bites quit itching! Very cool.
  7. I really want to “unplug” more in my life. That’s kind of tough, and I don’t understand why it should be tough. But it is. I need a strategy.
    Since it’s 2:42 AM, I’d have to say that I also need to go to bed earlier.

One Response to “Seven Random Things”

  1. susu5280 Says:

    Since you mentioned the Malty Assam tea for the bug bites, remember there is another use for white tea bags for when Fival comes. We were told by a certain mechanic fella who’s sort of a Renaissance guy — Hanna used it with Scarlet with great relief!

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