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Condiments according to Isaac September 6, 2012

Filed under: Kids say the funniest things — Erynn Sprouse @ 10:04 am

How to get ketchup according to Isaac… Take a tomato (1), pull it off of the tomato tree and put it into a big pot. When it’s done cooking, get a giant bottle and put the cooked tomato in. Put the freshly-made ketchup into the ketchup man’s truck. He’ll bring it to your house if he thinks you might like some.

This BBQ sauce was given to Daddy by a nice pirate. You can tell because there’s a picture of a pirate ship on it. Oh, and pirate ships only sail on stormy or cloudy days… just FYI.


Mustard goes on everything. Salsa also goes on everything. Yes, sometimes they go on everything… together.


Mustard and salsa are delicious because they’re “ficy” (spicy). Hearing that something is “ficy” usually results in a brief speech therapy session…

Me: Not “ficy,” honey. Say “sssss-pppp”
Isaac: sssss-pppp
Me: Good! Do it again.
Isaac: sssss-pppp
Me: Great job! *high five* One more time.
Isaac: sssss-pppp
Me: Wonderful, Buddy. Now try this: “sssss-pppp… ice”
Isaac: sssss-pppp… ice
Me: Good. Can you do it again?
Isaac: sssss-pppp… ice
Me: Great! Try “sssss-pppp-ice-ee”
Isaac: sssss-pppp… Ficy

Doesn’t that look say it all? (and why are all the best pictures fuzzy?)


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