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It’s that season again… October 6, 2012

Filed under: diary,knitting — Erynn Sprouse @ 11:06 pm

We have a brand new baby. It’s Fall. Apparently, this combination causes my inner knitter to want to come out and play… in a BIG way. So, the pattern books are out. The needles are clicking back and forth. The yarn is slowly, but surely looping and twisting into socks and slippers and soon blankets and hats and other fibrous lovelies. Every year, around the time leaves are turning, my thoughts turn with them and wander toward my yarn stash and my unfinished projects. I pick them up, knit a bit and… get bored with them. That’s why they’re unfinished. That’s why it’s stash yarn: it’s not inspiring enough to actually make into a project. So I buy more yarn and start new projects and some of them actually get finished… until the weather starts to warm up. And then knitting doesn’t hold much appeal. It’s too hot to even think about wearing the socks I’m knitting. Not breezy enough for the hat. And who wants to knit a blanket in 90* since knitting it also means having it piled on your lap? Yeah, yeah, yeah… there are other things to knit (shawls, lacy pretties, jewelry even… but they’re not my style). Sometimes it seems too hot to even hold the yarn.

The thing is, knitting is really very good for the soul… or for mental health anyway. :o) Knitting is tangible proof that a little effort plus a little more and a little more equals progress. It’s meditative. It’s productive. It’s a connection to men, women & children of bygone years who clicked & clacked with their needles out of necessity rather than entertainment. Knitting means you can give to someone a THING that says “I thought enough of you to spend time, money and skill to craft this for you.” It’s a hug for your friend’s head, an arm around their shoulder, a warm cozy reminder that they’re important and loved and cherished.

So, this knitting season, I’m hoping (as I hope at the beginning of every knitting season) that it’ll stick year ‘round this time. :o)


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