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LOTR Date Night October 24, 2012

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Last night we geeked out for date night and it was great! Jeremy LOVES the Lord of the Rings movies. When they were coming out in the theater, they always released near his birthday and a trip to the theater was the only thing he wanted. With The Hobbit releasing this December, I already know what he’ll be getting this year. We’ll have to gear up, though. Jeremy may love the LOTR movies, but me? Well… I guess I’m tepid about them. At best. Those ring wraiths are scary! The orcs are freaky and the uruk hai are spine-chiling! Still… he loves the movies, and I love him. So I guess that means I love them once removed. ;o)

According to a 1967 interview, J.R.R. Tolkien– who considered himself a hobbit in all but size– was fond of simple foods. Likewise, food in the books and in the movies is very simple. Toward the beginning of the film, a hobbit snags a cupcake from a passing tray. Pippin Took and Merry Brandybuck steal some cabbages, carrots and other veggies from a farmer. They enjoy ale at the Prancing Pony and later roast some sausages along the way to Rivendale. Aragon kills a deer for dinner in the marshes. Pippin, Merry and Sam’s fire drew the attention of the ring wraiths and led to the first battle with them. Wonder if the hobbits ever enjoyed bacon, tomatoes and sausages again? (I know… they’re fictitious…) Since food in the movie was basic, ours was too.

We had Smoked Cheddar and Farm House Cheddar with apples…

… apples big enough to make us feel like hobbits…

We had a lovely cranberry walnut bread with butter…

(the purpley glow is from that neon blue the projector makes… Jeremy projects our movies on the wall for date nights)

Since we’re tea-totalers, we had Reed’s Ginger Beer instead of ale. If you like ginger, you’ll enjoy the 28g of fresh ginger per bottle. If you don’t like ginger, this has quite a bite, but it’s the stuff that got me hooked on fresh ginger. Actually, it was the raspberry flavor, but this is very similar. Give it (or the raspberry kind) a whirl!

Carrot cakes (from a box)…

We had some beef stew…

[Here is where you imagine beef stew… ’cause I didn’t take a picture… but I figure you’ve probably seen it before. If you need a good recipe, my favorite recipe is from Poor Girl Eats Well, but beware: her language isn’t always G-rated. This time Jeremy cheated and grabbed a bag of frozen stew.]

And… the piece de resistance (I should really figure out how to accent that. Without the accents it just looks kinda dumb. Oh, well. Do me a favor and say it with a French accent in your head, okay? Thanks.) was Miruvor and Lembas Bread…

Don’t worry. We didn’t eat all this food; there was quite a bit leftover. After all, Lembas Bread is so filling you only need a bite, right?

Here are the details in condensed form with a bit of a review…

LOTR Date Night Menu:

  • Cheese & Apples– the smoked cheddar was particularly good with the honey crisp apple.
  • Bread & Butter– the cranberry walnut bread Jeremy got from the bakery department was really good!
  • Brew– Jeremy debated about ginger beer or a fancy root beer. I’m glad he chose ginger beer. The crisp, sharp bite was a nice contrast to the rich flavors of the other foods.
  • Cakes– I think I’d have preferred to skip the cakes. They didn’t seem to fit with the meal and they tasted like they were from a box (because they were). Still, I appreciate Jeremy’s attempt to satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth. :o)
  • Lembas Bread– For the recipe, click here. This was… meh. Jeremy and the kids liked it though. The directions were unclear and called for a pizzelle iron (I don’t even want to own such a uni-tasker). I tried cooking it on the stove pancake-style and kept burning them because I was distracted (we do have five little fellas… and they are far more important than Lembas Bread). Ultimately, I spread the thick batter onto a silicon lined cookie sheet and baked it at 350*. Couldn’t tell you how long, though. An oh-so-helpful little boy turned off the timer. I pulled it out when the nearly-burned smell wafted my way. This was alright. Certainly edible and even kind of tasty, but there’s another recipe that I think looks better (click here).
  • Miruvor– For the recipe, click here. This was delicious! Despite the description telling where it comes from, I  am still clueless as to when this is referenced in the books or movies. Anyway, it was yummy. Jeremy changed the recipe quite a bit. He used a mixed berry juice instead of the two called for in the recipe and substituted dried cranberries for the blueberries. He also changed out the corn syrup for honey (what good elf would use corn syrup?!). He did use the diet Mountain Dew, though. He said he figured it was such a specific and odd ingredient that maybe it was significant to the flavor. Significant or no, the drink was a treat.

All in all, this was a really fun date night. I was amazed at how much information is out there on the details of the movies and the books! I guess some people knit; some do sports and some collect, catalogue and share minute details of LOTR. We enjoyed watching the movie together again (okay… half of it… apparently we’re getting too old to stay up for the whole four hours of the extended edition) and enjoyed sharing this simple meal together.

Maybe you’d like to have your own Lord of the Rings date night!
Or not… Either way, I hope you’re inspired to do something to celebrate and strengthen your marriage. :o)

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P.S. I’d intended to chronicle each of our weekly date nights, but I decided that’s a bit too ambitious. This blog is not a high priority and that’s probably not going to change any time soon. I will try to blog about our unusual date nights when I can, though. Dating your spouse is important and my hubby is particularly good at this. He inspires me to work on our marriage and I hope you’ll be inspired too.


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