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Days Like This One December 15, 2012

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Victims of the shooting. Click to see full-sized.

Victims of the shooting. Click to see full-sized.

On a day like today, it’s sometimes hard to laugh. I keep thinking about the mommies of the kids who aren’t coming home tonight. At least one of them probably yelled at her kid this morning because they were running late… again. Maybe one or two forgot in all the rush to kiss her baby’s precious head and say “I love you…” Perhaps one was preoccupied with a text conversation or the latest thing a friend posted on Facebook. Maybe prayer time got missed last night… or even lots of nights. I imagine the regrets swirling around in their minds and wonder what regrets I would have if tragedy struck. Overall, I think it would amount to not treasuring each moment, to taking all of this for granted… to missing the extraordinary in what seems so mundane at first glance.
So this evening I’m trying harder, using an extra measure of patience, and when Isaac asked– in the middle of dinner preparations– if I would read his Bible to him, I did.
But here’s the thing… sometimes we are late and sometimes I do lose my cool. Sometimes I will forget to kiss my sons’ heads. Occasionally a text conversation is important and friends do post important bits from time to time. Prayer time was missed here last night. We were in the car and the kids were fast asleep before we could get it in. These things happen. Life happens. So maybe deciding I’ll never again text in my children’s presence would be unrealistic. And I can guarantee we’ll be late again. Likely soon. I can’t ensure against life or against regrets any more than I can ensure against tragedy.
But I can do my best.
I can appreciate their smiles and tell them how lovely they are as people.
I can remind them that I’m proud to be their mommy and grateful to have them in my life.
I can soak up their laughter and store it in my heart for safe keeping.
I can praise God with them for the amazing blessing it is to have a family like we have.
I can pause to appreciate the dandetigers (a.k.a dandelions) they proffer in small sticky hands and when they gleefully ask if I’ll wear it in my hair… I can say yes.
I can hug them tight and swing them around till we’re both dizzy.
I can participate in the pillow fights, wrestling matches, tickle battles and World War III marshmallow gun attacks.
I can help them imagine new endings for their bad dreams and remind them that Frank, the robot Christmas ornament, can actually turn the bad robots to good.
I can appreciate the good, pray they’ll be guarded against evil…
and help them look forward to a day, a world, a Heaven where there are no tears… no gunmen… no days like this one.


2 Responses to “Days Like This One”

  1. Holly Says:

    Makes me think of the movie Courageous. We can either thank God for the time He gave us, or be upset about what He didn’t. Yes, we must use our time wisely, but also understand we are not ultimately in control of anything. I rest in the peace of knowing Someone ultimately just is in control! Love You

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can only say “wow that was beautiful!”

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