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It’s Just An Excuse February 14, 2013

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ImageWhen I catch even a whiff of an excuse to eat chocolate, I take it gleefully. If I can find an excuse to go out to my favorite restaurant, I’m all over it. An excuse for a long, hot bubble bath? Not an opportunity to be missed!

Valentines Day is really just another day.

But not really.

Because today is an excuse. It’s a great excuse to show some love. It’s an excuse to make a little effort in your marriage. It’s an excuse to stop and pick up something special for someone special. It’s also a great excuse to look past yourself and find someone to lift up.

So here are a few (mostly) free ideas on how to capitalize on this lovely excuse (get it? Lovely? hee hee)…

  • Send a text to let a single friend know you’re thinking of them.
  • Ask your spouse to take the 5 Love Languages Test (takes about 15 minutes) and commit to work on speaking their language.
  • Stop by a widow/ widower’s house to visit. Even 10 minutes could mean a lot. Bonus if you bring chocolate.
  • Commit to read at least one book on marriage in the next 90 days. Here are some suggestions to check your library for (Bonus: if you opt to purchase the book(s), grab a pink highligher for her, blue for him. Each of you highlight parts that “speak” to you, then scan back over to see what your spouse highlighted. Nifty to see the purple parts. :o) ):
    ~~ His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley— This is one book Jeremy and I always recommend and have often given away. One warning: this one can be a bit… dramatic and a little depressing… lots of good info anyway. You can take the emotional needs questionnaire here.
    ~~ The Love Dare— Based off the movie Fireproof (actually, I’m not sure which one came first), this book is a great step-by-step into a happy marriage. I DO NOT AGREE with all the religious doctrines within. Specifically, the way to salvation is not Biblically accurate (click here for more info). That said, I love the way this book emphasizes commitment to your spouse and working on your part of the relationship… even when your spouse isn’t working on theirs.
    ~~ Fighting For Your Marriage— This one is on our to-read list so I can’t tell you a whole lot about it, but it was recommended by a friend whose advice I treasure.
    ~~ The 5 Love Languages— Another on our to-read list, I’ve heard so much about this book over the years that I am ashamed to admit I haven’t read it yet. We just got this one on audio so we can remedy that. We took the love languages test yesterday and apparently my love language is… well… that’s really none of your business. ;o)
  • Image~Stuff your pockets with little cut out hearts and hand them to whoever you meet… even a stranger. Maybe you’ll get to see the smile you just gave away.

If you’re single today, it can be rough. I get that. But a surefire way out of the emotional dumps is to look outside yourself and help another human being. So seize the excuse you’ve been given today.

If you’re married, don’t cop out. Grab this chance you’re given today and run with it. Run with it for the sake of your marriage. Run with it for the sake of the example you leave your children. Run with the excuse to show your love… not just for your spouse, but for others too.

Whatever your circumstance, take advantage of an excuse given to you on this otherwise most usual day and find yourself somebody to love.


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