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Just go with it February 23, 2013

Filed under: diary — Erynn Sprouse @ 1:11 am

What a day! We started it off with one in the ER and plans for travel cancelled. Ean woke up at 1:30 this morning with wheezing, labored breathing, so he got a visit from the paramedics. X-ray showed nothing amiss, but it was enough to warrant staying home. But seize the day, right? So we decided to make it a Mommy Day for Isaac. PBJ lunches in hand, we headed off to Ikea to get our new table & chairs we’d picked out (yay tax return!). It wasn’t the best plan since Ikea is 2.5 hrs away, but… Anyway, we roamed and looked and had a medium amount of fun. Isaac was really looking forward to surprising his brothers with the new table, but we got to the check out and the card was declined. Must’ve been over the daily limit of the debit card. We’ve quit credit cards so I didn’t have anything else to put it on. All that time… all that effort… Just to leave empty-handed. But we did have fun. We sat in (most) every chair, and spun in the spinny ones. Tried the couches. Laid on the beds. Sword fought in the utensils section. Visited the bathroom twice. Ate Swedish meatballs for dinner. Drank lingonberry juice and lingonberry soda and split a piece of chocolate cake. So it’s not as if the day were a total loss… And I guess we didn’t technically come home empty-handed either. There was a giant cardboard box sitting lonely in the parking lot. That’s gold not to be ignored!


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