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Big Brother Knows Best March 24, 2013

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I have an opinion on just about everything, true. There aren’t many things on which I hold so strong an opinion as on homeschooling. But this isn’t really about homeschooling.

The Romeike family came to America from Germany seeking the right to homeschool their children. In their “motherland” homeschooling is illegal (side note: you may recall that one of the major ways Hitler planned for the future of his Germany was through influencing the children in their schools). If deported, the Romeikes face persecution, prosecution, fines and possibly even the loss of their children into State custody. They have asked for political asylum and their case is being considered.

It’s not looking good.

But, like I said, this isn’t really about homeschooling.

Father knows best or Big Brother knows best? That is the real question here. If homeschooling is not a fundamental right, the logical conclusion is that the government can say that I MUST turn MY children over to THEM. How my husband and I choose to educate our children is OUR choice, not the government’s.

Want to do something about it?
1) Sign this petition— we need A LOT more signatures. If we can get 100,000 total signatures, the White House will make an official response. It’s not a guarantee of favorable action, but it’s a step.
2) Share this information with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth… however you can. Get the word out.

Whether you’re a homeschooler or not, this is important and it will have an impact here in the U.S. Our rights are slowly… but surely… being stripped.

It’s not about a German family.

It’s not about homeschooling.

It’s about parental rights. And if you don’t do something, if you don’t stand up, if you don’t fight and pray and do what you can, you may not have the chance to stand and fight down the road.

For more info, click here.


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