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Knock knock… April 10, 2013

Filed under: diary,Kids say the funniest things — Erynn Sprouse @ 11:08 am

This just has to be recorded for posterity’s sake. School time can wait just a bit on this drizzly day.

The boys are all about laughing and having a good time (what little boy isn’t?) and Ean John has joined the ranks of the comedians. Their favorite joke for their daddy to tell goes like this…

Jeremy: Knock knock
Kids: who’s there?
J: Annoying dog
K: Annoyi–

So Ean’s jokes go like this…

Ean: Knock knock
Anyone who will listen: who’s there?
E: [insert anything… really… anything at all… “banana” or “kid with a tractor”]
AWWL: [whatever] wh–?

And he’s sooo completely adorable as he’s telling this joke for the 93rd time in 10 minutes that I don’t mind being the AWWL (the 95th time does get to be a tad too much!).

These moments are all too fleeting and I have learned the hard way that if I don’t get it down, the memory will likely be lost forever. So here it is for me to come back to later, but also to encourage other young mothers to put memories down somewhere safe.


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