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A lot of littles April 3, 2014

Filed under: Marriage — Erynn Sprouse @ 6:29 pm

This has been on my mind and I thought I’d just put it out there.

Ladies, we have to protect our marriages. None of us are immune to temptations and our husbands aren’t either. We have to build a hedge around us. The only one you can control is you, so start there. Watch out for letting others meet your needs… even if that other person is a woman. Meeting needs is how you build love for one another and if someone else is allowed to do that, at best, you’re missing out on an opportunity to strengthen your marriage… at worst, well… I think we’ve probably all seen marriages that have fallen apart.

And that’s just it.

ramshackleMarriages can fall apart just like houses left untended. What’s the difference between a 100-year-old house with a caved in roof, shutters hanging off and paint so far gone no one knows what color it was to start with… and the 100-year-old mansion that’s the pride of the neighborhood? The difference is care; effort and work has been constantly put into the mansion. The other was left to the elements without anyone to put on a coat of protective paint, a roof when it was needed or even a simple nail when the shutter first fell off. Sure, the dilapidated old place could be restored, but it will take a whole lot more to get it back than it would have if work was put in all along the way… and honestly, when it gets to that point, most would rather just take a bulldozer to it.

tall, proud houseSo take a moment today and do something… anything… even if it’s small… and put a little effort toward your marriage. Send a sweet, romantic or even sexy text. Make a special treat. Fix your hair and dab on some perfume before he comes home. Write a note on the mirror to tell him something you respect about him. Save some energy for (ahem) bedtime. Just pick something and do it. Invest some effort into your marriage, even if you don’t really feel like it, and you just may reap huge dividends.

These are just little things… but, as one of our teachers used to say, a lot of littles makes a lot. Then again, a lot of littles left undone… well, that’s also a lot. So in the words of that great philosopher Nike, “JUST DO IT.”


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