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Productive(ish) Procrastination July 4, 2014

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I really should be working on my lessons for next week. Things are percolating up there, though… and I don’t think they’re quite ready to pour out. Having left this blog to its own devices for three months, I think it feels a little lonely. And I’ve missed it. Also, I have some memories piling up that I don’t want to lose. I used to upload a lot of pictures to Facebook and that was kind of my photo/memory album… but I quit Facebook (except for Come Fill Your Cup purposes). It’d been a long Wednesday and as we headed out for evening Bible class, I wondered to myself what I’d accomplished in the day. I thought and thought… and realized I’d gotten basically NOTHING done all day because I’d been sucked into Facebook world. I’d been occupied with other people’s children while I waved my own away with irritation. I’d been absorbed in other people’s rantings while my own children ranted at each other and I didn’t even know why. It was… well… it was shameful. I’m only putting it down here so I remember for myself why I quit and so that if you, whoever you are, have been caught in the same trap, I can encourage you… quit. Just get off of Facebook or Twitter or whatever else has sucked you in and taken you captive. Re-engage in your own REAL life. Yes… Facebook friends are real friends. But they probably have phone numbers you can call or text and email addresses you can use to ask how they’re really doing (instead of Facebook stalking them and seeing only what they have deemed world-viewing-worthy… their highlight reel) and faces you can look into as they talk… those really are better ways to connect. So just do it, okay? Get off. And, Erynn, if you’re reading this down the line, remember: you made the right decision getting off. Don’t get back on. It’s in your personality type: you will get sucked in. Okay… off of that rabbit trail and on to why I got on here to begin with.

Conversation with Isaiah while we were camping:
Me: whatcha doing, Buddy?
Isaiah: watching this beautiful bug.
Me: oh really? Which bug?
Isaiah: <pointing> this one.
Me: oh, uh-huh. That one is called a cockroach.

As my good friend said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Isaac & grasshopper

Here’s Isaac with his now-dead (though he was sure it was still alive) grasshopper. He wanted to keep it, but I didn’t want him to… mean mom… I should probably let him keep more bugs. Anyway… he explained that Annabelle has a grasshopper catching club and he’d already caught two and had to let them go, so he wanted to keep this one. We compromised with a photo for proof.

20140704-121132-43892279.jpgJoey is still loving to suck his thumb… and he’s added sticking his index finger up his nose. Crazy kid. We may need to break him of his thumb sucking. The skin on his little thumb is getting icky and it doesn’t look healthy. I figure it’s a natural near-instinct for him to suck his thumb and I’m pretty sure he sucked it in utero, so I consider it a generally fine, God-given coping mechanism that he’ll outgrow. I’m not all that concerned. But I’m starting to become concerned. We’ve heard lots of stories of kids’ habits being broken by traumatization. There was a granddad who told his grandson he’d cut his thumb off. There was a mom who got the doctor to say the kid’s thumb would fall off. The most common way we’ve heard is that the kids in school made fun of them until they stopped. My mom painted my thumb with yucky stuff from the pharmacy. While that wasn’t exactly traumatizing, and I don’t think I bear any scars, she said I was mad and her for a while and brought up the “spicy stuff” for years after (I do kinda remember that). We’ve kind of been treating Joey’s habit like any other habit and when we see him sucking it other than bed time, we (sometimes) just ask him to stop and praise him when he does. Maybe that’ll work. We’ll see…

Okay… I have several other things I’m hoping to chronicle here (museum with friends, camping, Fossil Rim adventure, some daily stuff), but I gotta get off for now. There’s only so long you can procrastinate and call it productive(ish).



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