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Randomly once more July 4, 2014

Filed under: diary — Erynn Sprouse @ 10:35 am

If you keep up with this blog at all (I’m talking to both of you… ahh, wait… I see there’s just one here now. Thanks for your support Mom! Love you), you’re already aware that this space is for me to put down… whatever. There are soapboxes and memories, recipes and me telling people what to do suggestions. Being an extrovert, things seem better shared. Everything is better with a friend. So this blog space is sort of a two-fer. I get a place that I can’t lose to put down things I care about AND I get to pretend I’m sharing thoughts with people who care enough to look here in my corner of the cyber world.

One thing it isn’t: a priority. There’s a lot going on over here and, honestly, I’m in over my head. You know those juggling guys who start with three balls then add a fourth, fifth, sixth… until finally all the balls come tumbling down. That’s me. The balls haven’t fallen yet… but I think I’ve learned to stop adding balls. That’s progress, right?

This next week I’ll be away from my family for an entire week. It’s the longest I’m ever really gone, but it is an annual trip. This will be my fourth time to participate in the Future Teachers Training Camp. It’s a ton of fun, lots of seriousness, little sleep and loads of Bible. I love it because it’s one of the few things I do where I can see actual progress, actual fruit. The girls who are repeats from years before will be different. And in a positive direction, most likely. They wouldn’t be at a camp for future bible class and ladies’ day teachers if they were changing too far in a negative direction. I love to see their faith growing and I love to see that they actually care about God’s word, His church and each other. So I’m excitedly looking forward to my week.

And I love that I don’t have to be concerned about my boys. They’re in great hands with Jeremy. Usually my mother-in-law has come down to help with the boys, but she won’t be able to make it this year. Nevertheless, I have full confidence that my boys will be well cared for, eat real meals and have a lot of fun too. It used to be that I’d come home from this or another trip and the house would actually be cleaner than I left it, but with five littles, I don’t see that happen much anymore. Sometimes it happens though (it did last week), and I’m always in awe. I have a great man and he’s training my sons to be great men. Men who love God and mankind. Men who care in an active way. Men who know how to enjoy life to the fullest (John 10:10). Men who love bacon, swords and water fights of all varieties.

It’s a good life, and as one of my boys says, God blessed us hard.

Here’s a Fourth of July conversation with Jaden, put down here for preservation’s sake…
Jaden to Isaac: Tomorrow is the day we celebrate rockets and fireworks!
Me: well, we celebrate with them, but we’re actually celebrating… what?
Jaden: Hmm… … … Independence!
Me: That’s right. Independence from…?
Jaden: God!
Me: What?! What do you mean?
Jaden: God! Independence from God! God’s the one who gave us independence!


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