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Annual knitting bug November 4, 2014

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Warning… if you’re a non-knitter/crocheter… this just won’t be interesting. Maybe it will… but I doubt it. Proceed at your own risk. :)

Well the annual knitting bug has bit once again, and bitten with a vengeance! It’s always a powerful combination to have fall weather without and a baby growing within… add onto all that the joy of said baby being a GIRL (nicknamed Herculina) and… WOO… that’s a powerful knitting bug (knitting for girls is so much more fun)! For the sake of my own record and perhaps a bit of accountability (and because I do like blogging, low priority though it is), here’s what’s on my needles…

almost lost washcloth

Almost lost washcloth. This is my third washcloth from this pattern. It’s a fun pattern that produces a perfectly sized washcloth that’s nice and fluffy as well as pretty.

Tea and knittingbaby sweater

Sweater for Herculina (pattern is “Judy’s Grandmother’s Baby Sweater“). I have been wanting to make this little sweater for years. Literally. This pattern is THE major reason I bought the book “Greetings From Knit Cafe.” The pattern says it is unisex, and I thought maybe it was… but add a bow to anything and that pretty well undoes it for a boy. So, I’ve never made it. It’s cute though!! And it’s a fun pattern so far. Easy peasy. I think I may add a little lacy lavender border when it’s done. I’m hoping to make some booties to match too.


I think I can… (pattern is “the beekeeper’s quilt“). I bought the pattern for this at the beginning of the year and made it my aim to complete it… someday. I noticed a tendency to shy away from huge projects or even largish projects, so this was my method/ New Year’s resolution to work on that. And it’s gone well. I keep this little project in my “Handbag of Holding” (this is a great purse… has a padded center pocket for a laptop, but it’s perfect for knitting stuff). I’m still a looonnngg way from done with this project, but it’s fun to have something to toodle on when I’m otherwise bored. In the car. Sitting at homeschool coop. And while the overall project is far from finished, each little hexapuff is like a tiny project done lickety split. Very satisfying!

2-at-a-time socks

My current favorite project…
1st 2-at-a-time socks! (The pattern is basically “Sailor’s Delight“). I bought this 2-At-A-Time Socks book at the beginning of the year  too… and just couldn’t grasp the process. Then I decided I wanted some nice yarn to knit up for Herculina and looked up a yarn shop. Well lo and behold, they were offering a class on two-at-a-time socks!! Woohoo!! It’s a splurge to take the class in part because one of the requirements is to buy the yarn there. Not cheap! Or at least not as cheap as Hobby Lobby. It’s also 80 miles away in Fort Worth. But… my hubby is sweet and indulged me. He kept the kiddos during class last week and will again next week. Anyway, I am LOVING this yarn, these socks, even my silly little stitch markers. The process of two-at-a-time… well… the jury’s still out. I think it’s probably a wise thing… but I feel like I spend a lot of time rearranging the needles/cables. Now that the socks have a couple inches on them, it’s going along more easily. We’ll see how I feel about the idea of two socks at a time when they’re done.


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