Excerpts of Erynn

a blog about… nothing in particular and everything at once

About May 12, 2009

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web!

This blog is… well… it’s just pieces of me. There’s tips, recipes, rants, jibber-jabber about my hobbies, bits about my kids, talk about homeschool.

I’m passionate about my faith, my husband, my kids, marriage & women’s ministries, homeschool… and life in general.

Mostly this is a selfish venture. I’m just trying to preserve memories, blow off steam and/or keep creativity in my life. :o)

Still, I hope you’ll walk away uplifted and encouraged with something in your mental pocket to ponder. Maybe our corner can spill into your corner.

We’ve got a good thing going here with our six kiddos (five boys, one girl… yes, she’s spoiled) and 17 years of marriage.
A fun thing.
A crazy thing.
Probably a weird thing.
But a good thing.

Join us on this wild ride and please feel free to comment. My inner narcissist loves it. :o)


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