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Tasty-ish August 11, 2015

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Conversation with Jaden & Jeremy‚Äč just before dinner…
Jaden: could you get me new shoes tomorrow?
Me: Why?
Jaden: because the soles are coming off and tomorrow is Bible class.
Jeremy: I have some instructions for how to make duct tape shoes.
Jaden: really? Cool!
Me: <giving THE look>
Jaden: It’s like eating. You can go out to eat and it’s tastier but more expensive, or you can cook at home and it’s cheaper and… <grimacing> … tasty-ish

And here’s what we had that’s “tasty-ish.” Actually, Jeremy & I quite like it. The kids? Well… they need to learn that you can’t always get what you want. Sometimes you get what you need. ;o) Who knows. Maybe they’ll grow to like it. Isaac said, “Mom, I find this more enjoyable than usual. Thanks.”


Knock knock… April 10, 2013

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This just has to be recorded for posterity’s sake. School time can wait just a bit on this drizzly day.

The boys are all about laughing and having a good time (what little boy isn’t?) and Ean John has joined the ranks of the comedians. Their favorite joke for their daddy to tell goes like this…

Jeremy: Knock knock
Kids: who’s there?
J: Annoying dog
K: Annoyi–

So Ean’s jokes go like this…

Ean: Knock knock
Anyone who will listen: who’s there?
E: [insert anything… really… anything at all… “banana” or “kid with a tractor”]
AWWL: [whatever] wh–?

And he’s sooo completely adorable as he’s telling this joke for the 93rd time in 10 minutes that I don’t mind being the AWWL (the 95th time does get to be a tad too much!).

These moments are all too fleeting and I have learned the hard way that if I don’t get it down, the memory will likely be lost forever. So here it is for me to come back to later, but also to encourage other young mothers to put memories down somewhere safe.


Condiments according to Isaac September 6, 2012

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How to get ketchup according to Isaac… Take a tomato (1), pull it off of the tomato tree and put it into a big pot. When it’s done cooking, get a giant bottle and put the cooked tomato in. Put the freshly-made ketchup into the ketchup man’s truck. He’ll bring it to your house if he thinks you might like some.

This BBQ sauce was given to Daddy by a nice pirate. You can tell because there’s a picture of a pirate ship on it. Oh, and pirate ships only sail on stormy or cloudy days… just FYI.


Mustard goes on everything.¬†Salsa also goes on everything. Yes, sometimes they go on everything… together.


Mustard and salsa are delicious because they’re “ficy” (spicy). Hearing that something is “ficy” usually results in a brief speech therapy session…

Me: Not “ficy,” honey. Say “sssss-pppp”
Isaac: sssss-pppp
Me: Good! Do it again.
Isaac: sssss-pppp
Me: Great job! *high five* One more time.
Isaac: sssss-pppp
Me: Wonderful, Buddy. Now try this: “sssss-pppp… ice”
Isaac: sssss-pppp… ice
Me: Good. Can you do it again?
Isaac: sssss-pppp… ice
Me: Great! Try “sssss-pppp-ice-ee”
Isaac: sssss-pppp… Ficy

Doesn’t that look say it all? (and why are all the best pictures fuzzy?)